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Bouncing Back from Disaster – How to Restore from Your Backup.

Wednesday, April 24th, 2013 | Author:

Here at the OWC Blog, we’ve posted a lot of advice about backing up your data over the years. However, there’s one thing we’ve never explicitly talked about: how to restore your system from that backup if disaster strikes.

Now, I can hear half of you out there saying, “Pfft! You simply replace the drive and reverse the backup process so you’re writing to the drive you just replaced.” To an extent, that’s true, provided you have a bootable backup and you’re 100% sure there’s nothing corrupted with the system.

However, if you don’t have a bootable backup (e.g., you’re backing up via Time machine) you can’t simply “copy it all back.” Furthermore, installing a new boot drive provides an excellent opportunity to clear out some of the “junk” that’s probably accumulated in your drive over the years. For those reasons, we recommend the “Fresh Install and Migrate” method when upgrading/replacing your system drive, which works for both bootable clones and Time Machine backups. Article Continues…

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Special Note for Adding an SSD to a 2012 Mac mini.

Tuesday, November 20th, 2012 | Author:

The “Fusion Drive” option for the 2012 Mac minis can cause some severe data loss if you’re not careful. It’s a bit of a “perfect storm,” but it’s worth noting if you’re adding an SSD as a second drive in your Mac mini.

This particular instance affects you only if:

  • You are upgrading a 2012 Mac mini.
  • That 2012 Mac mini shipped with Mac OS X 10.8.2
  • You are adding an SSD to this Mac mini as a second drive, alongside the existing Hard Drive using an OWC Data Doubler Kit.

If your installation involves all three factors, then you need to pay attention, as your installation will be affected. If one or more of these factors are not involved, then you don’t have to worry, you can proceed as normal. Article Continues…

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Cloning 10.7 or Later May Get You More Than You Bargained For.

Wednesday, August 1st, 2012 | Author:

Cloning… it’s a time-honored way of transferring all your system files from one drive to another and ending up with a bootable copy identical to the original. It’s great for performing backups and makes transferring your system to a new drive a snap…

Well… maybe not that second one anymore…

Cloning can bring over stuff you don’t want.

One of the infrequently-mentioned additions to Lion was “MobileBackups,” which is is effectively internally-saved Time Machine backups. When your Mac laptop isn’t connected to your Time Machine drive, it still keeps track of changes and saves them to a hidden folder on your hard drive. If you need more space in the “visible” portion of the drive, the OS deletes the older backups. Then, when you reconnect, it transfers the data over and deletes it from your internal drive.

The problem is that it doesn’t always work that way. Article Continues…

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