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Human-Computer Interaction Pioneer Dies At 88

Friday, July 5th, 2013 | Author:

The inventor of the computer mouse, Douglas Engelbart, died on July 2 at his home in Atherton, California at the age of 88.

Engelbart was best known for his December 9, 1968 Stanford Research Institute demonstration in San Francisco that resulted in 21 patents including the original computer mouse and essentially introduced the first iteration of the internet.

OWC would like to offer our respects to the friends and family of this computing pioneer who’s genius established many of the principals of modern day computing.


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Simple Trick To Customized Scrolling

Tuesday, October 23rd, 2012 | Author:

After reading OWC Larry’s article about reassigning the function keys last week, it got me thinking; that’s certainly not the only default setting in Mac OS X that can run contrary to how many people use their computers. Almost instantly, my thoughts went to that frequently-maligned addition to OS X 10.7 and later: Natural Scrolling.

In an attempt to unify interface conventions, Apple changed the default scrolling behavior to mimic the scrolling on iOS devices. So, if you took your scrolling direction “down” (that is, if you moved your finger(s) on your pointing device vertically from top to bottom), it would reveal the top of the document as if you were moving the actual document around.

While this behavior works quite excellently on the iPad and iPhone, many find that it runs completely counter to about 10-15 years’ worth of scrolling mouse usage in which a top-to-bottom scroll reveals the bottom of the document.

Fortunately, this is one of the easier things to adjust to your personal preference, and like enabling/disabling Apple’s F-key functions, you just need to go to System Preferences. Article Continues…

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NewerTech NuPad Organizer Tray Arranges Apple Keyboard, Magic Trackpad And Any Mouse For Maximum User Comfort And Productivity

Tuesday, November 23rd, 2010 | Author:

Newer Technology, Inc. announced today the NewerTech NuPadOrganizer, a configurable keyboard tray with padded leather wrist rest & mousepad/trackpad area that arranges a variety of Apple Aluminum Keyboards, the Apple Magic Trackpad, and/or any Apple mouse into a clutter-free, ergonomically logical work environment for maximum user comfort and productivity.

The NewerTech NuPad Organizer is available immediately from  Other World Computing.

Organizes & Adds Comfort With Factory Look

The NuPad Organizer improves Mac user productivity by keeping various Apple input devices cleanly arranged and readily accessible with a factory-like appearance. Engineered to hold all Apple Aluminum Keyboard models, the NewerTech NuPad Organizer’s durable Optix acrylic base features a permanently affixed premium grade leather wrist rest for improved typing comfort. When used with a standard Apple Aluminum Keyboard, the NuPad Organizer offers open space for using either the Apple Magic Trackpad or any Apple mouse via the included top grade Brazilian leather mousepad. Article Continues…

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Lola the Mac had a Mouse Attack!

Tuesday, May 18th, 2010 | Author:

When we spoke last “Lola” was all shiny like brand new.

Keeping Lola clean has been a breeze although now she is getting quite demanding.

For Mothers day she demanded a mouse! A mighty mouse at that!

Now, I love pets just as much as the next guy, but a mouse?
I procrastinated and pushed back as best I could.
Hey, times are tough.

So, at the last minute I quickly shopped and purchased the Macally Optimo Portable 2.4GHz Wireless Optical Mouse for Macs & PC’s.

How convenient!
It has 3 Buttons, with a scroll wheel!
Easy as pie because it costs just $27.99.
As luck would have it, same day shipping was available.

While shopping for my Lola, I also found the Newer Technology NuPad Forever 6″ x 9″ Aluminum mouse pad!

Sharp, REAL sharp.
This mouse pad is made in the good old USA from precision laser cut, aircraft-grade aluminum.
It also has a lifetime warranty and only set me back another $24.95.

Lola was impressed and surprised.
She loves her new mouse pad and mouse so much that they rarely if ever spend anytime away from each other.

New Mouse Pad from NewerTech shows why it’s sometimes worth it to go the extra mile.

Monday, April 19th, 2010 | Author:

With the proliferation of laptops with built-in trackpads and optical mice that can mouse over just about any surface, not many people think about the surface they use their mouse on.

Things aren’t always as they appear.

When metal-surfaced mouse pads started to make their appearance, we got a lot of requests to start carrying them. Based on a number of reviews and brand requests, we chose a popular manufacturer and started working with them.

Unfortunately, the quality left much to be desired. Scratches on the top surface were the norm, and I even saw one with severe bands of discoloration on a supposedly “gray” surface. More disturbing, though, were the rough chunks out of the edges of many of the pads. One of our IT department staffers even managed to cut a finger open on one of them.

“Okay,” we thought, “maybe this was just a bad batch.” So, we contacted the manufacturer.

“No,” was the reply to our inquiry, “those pads are 100% salable, and of our highest quality.”

I’m not an engineer, but I have countless hours of experience working with precision-cut metals; back before I became “OWC Chris S.”, I worked at my family’s suction filter business. I won’t bore you with the details, but one of my jobs was checking in fittings that we used in these filters. If we’d received parts with this level of relative quality, the whole batch would have been rejected and sent back. As I see it, if it isn’t good enough to stick in the oil tank of a backhoe, it isn’t good enough for someone’s desktop.

Article Continues…