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Time To B-b-bust A Move

Saturday, August 31st, 2013 | Author:

SM1Here’s another random title that I never expected to go absolutely anywhere, but it turned out to be a pretty awesome game. This week we’re taking a look at Supermagical.

A game where you fire balls that turn into monsters
…and make other monsters explode
…or run around like maniacs
…’till lightning strikes them.

Now I understand that might sound a bit strange, but isn’t that what makes a good game?

So as soon as I turned the game on I was presented with a lovely intro and presented with a fairly large world map, which was quite surprising. Typically I find that puzzle games lack in the area of plot, world exploration, and mini games. Honestly there’s a good reason for it…as well, it’s a puzzle game. Supermagical on the other hand is quite the well rounded experience. Article Continues…

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Slip ‘n’ Slide Fun, With Some Not So Edible Pudding

Friday, June 21st, 2013 | Author:

This time around, we slide into another puzzle title from ZeptoLab with a less reflex-intensive title than their other great title Cut the Rope. So let’s get our flubber on, and play some Pudding Monsters! 

Ok, this game is cute. Downright adorable. But don’t let its colorful graphics and its I-NEED-TO-HAVE-IT-AS-A-PET globs of pudding fool you, this game can be difficult. Most of the puzzles will have you scratching your head at least for a few moments, as you slide pieces around. (…and sometimes off the board and failing the puzzle).


Article Continues…

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