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Frigid Weather Brings Shipping Delays

Monday, January 6th, 2014 | Author:

Globe-SnowmanUPDATE: UPS and Fed Ex are reporting that the majority of their delivery services will be back to normal operations today [Tuesday]. We at OWC anticipate all services to be back to normal cutoff times this evening.

Things here at OWC Headquarters in Woodstock, Ill. got a little chilly today. And by a little chilly we, of course, mean an arctic freeze. The weather outside is about -15°F at the time this is being written. (For our Celsius preferring friends that’s -25°C.) If you’ve never seen temperatures that cold, let me put it this way, the steam from your breath forms little ice crystals on your scarf and your eyeballs literally freeze open. There’s no place like home!

For those of us who live in the north, this kind of weather can mean many things:  it’s time for a polar bear dip (brrrrrrrr) and maybe some ice fishing; hot chocolate and coffee sales are about to go through the roof; and no matter how many layers you’re wearing, your mom won’t think it’s enough (and it’s a fairly good bet that one foot outside will prove her right.) And perhaps our least favorite – the carriers are having a bad day as well. Planes ice over, roads turn into a scene from the winter levels of Mario Kart, and in some cases it’s deemed dangerous to spend the significant amount of time outside that is required to deliver packages.

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Not Too Late For Holiday Shipping From OWC!

Tuesday, December 17th, 2013 | Author:

SantaGlobeWe are down to five days left to receive deliveries in time for the big day and it is officially crunch time. As we covered last month, there’s a lot of information to take into account when shopping for the holidays.

But having five days left to receive deliveries means there’s still four days left to order! There’s still hope and we’re certainly still here to help. Our four big tips still ring true for stress-free online shopping; we just have to pay closer attention to the available shipping options. Here are our tips and the breakdown of still available options:

Tip #1: Aim for the Friday before as your absolute last date for receipt. –Monday, Dec. 23rd and Tuesday, Dec. 24th are a delivery days for most carriers so if for some reason your shipment is delayed; you have an extra couple days, just in case. Article Continues…

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First Snow Hits OWC Headquarters in Woodstock

Tuesday, November 12th, 2013 | Author:

If looking at the calendar doesn’t remind Team OWC that the holidays are right around the corner, then looking out of the window of our Woodstock, Ill. headquarters sure will.

The first snow of the season blanketed the northern Illinois area yesterday, serving as a reminder of the imminent winter months ahead. But whatever storms lie ahead, our team members in Woodstock and Nevada are ready and committed to getting deliveries shipped on time.

And while snowy days are just another day at the office for OWC operationally, as a reminder for time-sensitive packages, ordering early is still best to protect against unforeseen weather or carrier issues. Article Continues…

The Greener Side Of Shipping: Packing Hard Drives

Friday, September 6th, 2013 | Author:

OWC Green PackagingPackages have been associated with excitement since the beginning of time. Think of Santa Claus bringing presents down the chimney, Moses arriving down the river in a basket, the surprise attack of a Jack in the Box—there’s no disputing that packages are great. However, in most of these situations, we are usually more excited by the contents of the package rather than the packaging itself. And as an OWC customer, you know that is case when you receive a package from OWC too—the smell of a new hard drive in the morning, the slow unzipping of your new iFolio—receiving your anticipated OWC products does indeed make one’s day. But when receiving a package from OWC, you should also be excited about the packaging itself. Why? Well, over the next few weeks, we will look at some of the improvements OWC has recently made to our packaging to make it even better! Article Continues…

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Get Great Last-Minute Gifts From OWC

Wednesday, December 19th, 2012 | Author:

As we recently outlined on our Blog, it’s not too late to order great gifts from OWC and get them under your Christmas tree by Monday, Dec. 24. In fact, 2nd day air delivery still makes the cut for orders placed as late as Thursday. And if you order an in-stock item by Friday or even early enough Saturday with overnight shipping, you still can get your order by Christmas Eve. As always, ordering earlier is still better to protect against unforeseen weather or carrier issues.

So now that you know how to get the perfect gift in time for Christmas, you just need to decide on what the perfect gift is! Luckily, OWC has a ton of options to make your last-minute shopping that much easier. Article Continues…