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OWC ‘Thinks Service’ During Customer Service Week and Beyond!

Monday, October 7th, 2013 | Author:

csw2013You think about a lot of different things during the day. Do you want a McFlurry or a Frosty (or both)? Should you grow a mustache? And if so, what kind would accentuate your face best—Handlebar, Fu Manchu, Imperial? What exactly is Will Smith doing RIGHT NOW? But out of all the random thoughts we have, this week we are encouraging all of Team OWC to “Think Service” in everything they do.

From October 7-11, OWC will be celebrating Customer Service Week, and this year’s theme is “Think Service.” For this week and every day throughout the year, we are encouraging our team to think about how they can provide the best possible service to everyone with whom they interact. How do we encourage this you ask? Well, what is a bigger motivator than food and prizes?! Article Continues…

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Customer Service Week Inspires to “Be The One” to make the OWC Difference.

Monday, October 1st, 2012 | Author:

Last year we observed Customer Service Week with the theme of “Commitment You Can Count On.” This year, Other World Computing, Inc. plans to continue this tradition by celebrating this week once again but with the new theme of “Be The One.”

We are challenging our team to “Be The One” to make a difference in the lives of the people we touch each day. Be the one to share a smile, be the one to show you care, be the one to spread joy, be the one to listen deeply, be the one that customers turn to, be the one to practice patience, be the one to lead the way, be the one to see things through, and be the one to offer help! Article Continues…

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Power Nap Not Available to All Models Announced, but works with Aura

Friday, July 27th, 2012 | Author:

Whenever a new OS, there’s always a feature or two that a lot of people are really looking forward to. With OSX 10.8, lots of MacBook Air and MacBook Pro with retina display (rMBP) owners were excited about the Power Nap feature, which enables software updates, backups, iCloud syncing and a number of other functions while the computer is set to “sleep.”

Unfortuantely, this feature wasn’t enabled from the start; apparently, a new firmware update is required. Apple has already released SMC updates for the 2011 and 2012 MacBook Airs and the 2012 rMBP update is “coming soon.” However, Apple has seemed to have quietly dropped support for the 2010 MacBook Air, even though it was initially announced as working with those models.

UPDATE 7/30/12: Apple released an SMC update for the rMBP, which adds Power Nap support.

We went ahead and tested it anyway and found that while the 11″ 2010 MacBook Air doesn’t support Power Nap, the 13” 2010 MacBook Air does.

While we were at it, we also tested the 2010 MacBook Air 13″, 2011 MacBook Air 11 & 13″, and the 2012 MacBook Air 11 & 13″ with our OWC Mercury Aura Pro SSDs (for the 2010, 2011, and 2012 models) and can confirm that Power Nap works as perfectly with our SSDs as they do with the originals.

UPDATE: More information regarding the 2010 MacBook Air 13″

We’ve now checked Power Nap capabilities on multiple 13″ 2010 MacBook Airs, and it seems hit-or-miss for compatibility. With those that it worked for, it did so without any extra changes. For those it didn’t work with, it just wasn’t enabled. We couldn’t find any rhyme or reason to why some worked and  some didn’t.

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OWC looks forward to “Customer Service Week” 2011!

Monday, October 3rd, 2011 | Author:

If you recall, last year we introduced our readers to Customer Service Week.

This year, Other World Computing, Inc. plans to celebrate once again!
Our theme this year is “Commitment you can count on.”

As always, we are planning an exciting week of recognition and celebration for our entire staff.

  • Breakfast will be served for all on Monday and will include bagels, cookies, danishes, muffins and juice.
  • A surprise treat will be handed out on Tuesday.
  • On another day, donuts and cupcakes for all!
  • The customer service team will be provided with opportunities for representatives to win fabulous prizes by playing poker during the week. A card is received for each good deed or above and beyond moment. Best hands win!
  • Additionally, a trivia day will also allow the team to win fun stuff.

At OWC, we believe that our customers and the way that we support them differentiates us from the competition. We are proud to say that customer satisfaction, support and care are pivotal to our success. So, in that respect, everyone at OWC works in some form of “customer service:” from the staff on the phones, emails, and live chats who help with orders and support; to the folks in our warehouse who make sure the product is built and shipped in a timely fashion; to the Development and Marketing teams who help create and promote the products people want; all the way to the leadership and example set by Larry, our founder and CEO, who places the customer at the top of our organization chart.

So, in closing, when calling, e-mailing, or live-chatting from October 3 through October 7, please don’t forget to wish your OWC representative a happy Customer Service Week. We’re doing it for you!

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Sometimes, it pays to be helpful.

Tuesday, August 3rd, 2010 | Author:

On a Saturday a couple of weekends ago, we got an email from a customer trying to find out if they could go from the stock 4GB on the Mid 2009 iMacs to 12GB. Like we would with any customer inquiry, we answered quickly that same weekend day (yes, those iMacs support 12.0 GB configurations) and he not only wound up purchasing from us, but also offered us a little tech help too.

You see, the customer in question happened to be from the WordPress Help Center – folks who support the software the OWC Blog runs on. As it turned out, there were some simple improvements we could make and continue to make so the OWC blog can offer you the best experience. Thanks to his helpful advice, we’re all good to go ready to bring you more info, insights, and the occasional entertainment.

While we’d be among the first to say “doing the right thing” has it own rewards, sometimes you get to experience a little instant karma as a benefit. Not only did we get a new customer, we’re able to continue our mission of serving you in the highest manner possible.

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