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The Other World – Episode 95

Tuesday, March 25th, 2014 | Author:


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Trouble Waking Up After A Deep Sleep?

Friday, September 27th, 2013 | Author:

PR_SSD2012Does your new blazing fast SSD appear to be sluggish when waking up from sleep?

There’s probably a good reason behind this, although I doubt it’s because you’re making it work too hard. Apple implemented a new Standby Mode with the Retina MacBook Pro and the MacBook Air Mid 2010 and newer units.

To see the full list of the affected computers, read Apple’s knowledgebase article.

But what if your computer isn’t listed there and you’re seeing these slow wake up speeds from your new SSD that you just put in? Some people have reported this issue with their MacBook Pro (Non-Retina) machines and have followed these steps and fixed the slow wake up issues. So it would seem that some computers not listed were also updated with this new Standby Mode. Article Continues…

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Diagnosing 2009 & 2010 iMac Fan Speed Issues After Upgrading The Main Hard Drive

Wednesday, August 7th, 2013 | Author:

Globe-DIY-231x300After seeing an uptick in reports of out of control fan speeds in 2009 and 2010 iMacs, we decided to revisit our suggestion of the same brand for brand swapping of the main hard drive in those models to verify that our information was still current. We’re proud to announce that after some extensive testing with every current 3.5″ HDD we carry, the swapping of brand for brand is still 100% completely valid in those models.

So why are the fans in my iMac spinning wildly after my hard drive upgrade?

The most popular reason for the spinning fans is that one of the temperature sensors was not seated fully (or at all) during re-assembly.  During the process of removing the iMac’s LCD to get at the hard drive, the LCD temperature sensor is removed from the logic board. If that sensor does not get plugged back in during the re-assembly process, the iMac’s fans will run at high speeds even if the hard drive’s sensor cable is plugged in correctly. Article Continues…

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Cloud Backups – The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

Wednesday, July 3rd, 2013 | Author:

We have talked a good deal over the past months about the importance of keeping regular backups of your files. Don’t lose your data; keep your pictures safe; be able to use Time Machine, yada yada. But an alternative to a regular physical backup solution is a Cloud based one where your backup is… you guessed it, in the Cloud.

To those who are new to this idea, or have heard this phrase thrown around without much context, a Cloud backup is identical to using an external hard drive except your data is stored in a virtual space accessible on the Internet. The way it works is a cloud based backup company has a set of servers with an inordinate amount of storage space available to them, and, like a landlord, rents out that space for you to use and access at your leisure. As long as you pay the rent, they never come around and that virtual space is yours for the duration. It’s like a second home for your data!

As with any alternative there are some interesting pros and cons that come along with this type of backup: Article Continues…

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Enabling Plugins for OS X Mail That Stopped Working With 10.8.4 Update

Wednesday, June 12th, 2013 | Author:

I had just rebooted after installing the 10.8.4 update, I went and opened up OS X Mail and got a pop up telling me that my plugin TruePreview was not compatible and I needed to check with the developer. I checked the developer’s website and it had not been updated yet. Only one day into the 10.8.4 update I wasn’t counting on an update.

I rely on this this plugin not only at home, but at work too and wanted to get it working again as soon as possible. For those of you that don’t know the TruePreview plugin gives you the ability to customize when email messages are marked as read. I do not like the fact that in Mail when a message is clicked on and the preview window is up it marks the message as read. TruePreview lets me disable automatically marking messages as read.

Having come across this incompatibility with other plugins and previous OS updates before I knew that the fix was fairly simple. Article Continues…

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