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OWC Mercury On-The-Go Pro Bus-Powered Portable Drive Now Offers USB 3.0 On ‘Triple Interface’ Model

Tuesday, August 7th, 2012 | Author:

Other World Computing announced today theTriple Interface’ model of its award-winning OWC Mercury On-The-Go Pro bus-powered portable storage solution now features a USB 3.0 ‘SuperSpeed’ port which is also USB 2.0 backwards compatible. Complemented by two FireWire 800/400 ports, the new USB 3.0 capability enables the Mercury On-The-Go Pro to deliver real-world, benchmark-proven data transfer speeds up to 285MB/s. All that speed is housed in a pocket-sized drive offering up to 1.0TB of storage capacity—enough space to hold up to one million JPEG photos, 500 DVD movies, 76 hours of digital video, or 350,000 MP3 songs.

Pocket-Sized and Bus Powered – Ideal for the Mobile Office

Designed for the active “On-The-Go” computer user who needs the largest and fastest portable storage solution available on the market, the Mercury On-The-Go Pro is compact at 3.5″x 5.5″x 1″ in size — small enough to fit into a shirt pocket, yet big enough to offer up to 1TB of capacity. Stylishly engineered in a sleek, acrylic enclosure, the Mercury On-The-Go Pro is bus-powered, so it doesn’t require an AC adapter, which makes it ideal for presentations, multimedia, law enforcement, surveyors, and other “mobile office” uses. Additionally, notebook users with internal 5400RPM drives will find that using the Mercury On-The-Go Pro 7200RPM and SSD models as a start-up disk offers faster system boot-up and overall system performance. Article Continues…

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OWC 128GB MaxRAM Upgrade Unleashes The Performance Beast In Mac Pro With Double The Factory Memory At 49 Percent Lower Cost

Wednesday, May 30th, 2012 | Author:

Other World Computing announced today through its in-house MaxRAM testing lab its Certified Triple-Channel Memory Upgrade Kits for 2009 and later Apple Mac Pro models now provide up to 128GB — twice the factory maximum installed memory — with up to a 49 percent lower cost. The 16GB per module matched kits are fully tested and certified to meet, if not surpass, all Apple memory design and compatibility specifications and come backed by a Lifetime Replacement Warranty and free, step-by-step installation videos.

Maximum Memory Recommended for Optimum OS X and Application Performance

Industry experts agree 4GB of RAM is the minimum that should be installed for optimum performance of OS X Lion. Beyond the OS, however, if applications such as Aperture, Photoshop, iMovie/iDVD are running and large files are being addressed, even 16GB of RAM might not be enough memory. MacPerformanceGuide, a leading benchmarking source for professional photographers and Mac enthusiasts, found that 10-15GB of RAM is used just by their daily use of Photoshop. By increasing RAM from 48GB to 96GB, they found dramatic time reductions in working with huge files. With today’s higher resolution digital and video cameras, having the maximum amount of installable and addressable RAM is becoming a necessity for Mac Pro owners. Article Continues…

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