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What Do You Want In Your MacBook Pro?

Wednesday, July 18th, 2012 | Author:

Here at OWC, we’ve been talking a lot lately about the MacBook Pro with Retina display (which will hereafter be referred to as the rMBP). We’ve investigated the quality of the Retina display and how non-optimized graphics look. We’ve even attached multiple monitors to it, just to see what happened. Our research supports that this laptop was designed for professionals and does give us a truly remarkable, super-high-resolution screen. Yet with all Apple gives us in this machine, they leave one area to be desired—upgrade opportunities.

With the creation of the rMBP, Apple also focused on making the whole unit thinner. The result? Less expandability, which could affect the needs of many professionals.

On modern OS versions, and for modern apps, the base 8GB can be a little less than optimal for a “pro” machine. This leads many people to upgrade to the 16GB at an extra $200. Whether 8GB or 16GB is the chosen factory option, if that soldered-in  RAM is outgrown, the user has to buy a new MacBook, rather than upgrade the one they have.

As Mac users, we have a few options—accept the options that Apple offers, or buy the minimum configuration and upgrade it with third-party offerings later. Unfortunately, it seems as though the latter option is slowly being taken away from us. What began with the MacBook Air is now present in the rMBP; our options for expansion after purchase have been largely removed. Article Continues…

Apple Hits 5 Percent of Computer Market

Monday, November 21st, 2011 | Author:

Those of you who follow these sorts of things will be happy to know that, after hovering around the 2-3 percent mark for about 15 years, Apple now has 5 percent share of the world computer market, according to analyst Charlie Wolf of Needham & Co.

Most of that growth has been due to a recent jump in enterprise sales as well as explosive growth in Asia. During the September quarter, Mac shipments grew 24.6 percent while the rest of the market only grew about 5.3 percent, making it the 22nd consecutive quarter where Apple’s growth outpaced the computer market as a whole.

Much of this has been due to its growth in the business market, where it saw a 43.8 percent increase over the 4.8 percent the rest of the market saw. The home market had similar (if less dramatic) numbers, showing a 25.6 percent increase to the the total growth of four percent. In fact, the only place where it seemed to fall short of the industry as a whole was in its traditional stronghold of the “education” sector, where Apple’s 2.9 percent growth is considerably lower than the 16.9 percent for the market in general.

Both the business and home user gains seem to be due to the iPad and iPhone. While the iPad, with its simpler interface, seems to be eating into Mac sales  (as well as other computers) in the education market, iDevice “halo effect” in businesses and homes has users buying the computer these devices were originally designed to work with.

Can Apple keep up this monumental growth streak? We’ll see.


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