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When Tech Experts Pick Nits To Justify Existence

Friday, March 11th, 2011 | Author: , and

Well today is a most historic day….as the iPad 2 is already on sale on line and local stores here will begin selling around 5PM CT.  Our own intrepid OWC Chris will be standing in line to bring you unboxing photos and iPad 2 mania stories later today and next week..

Can you remember back in April 2010 when 300K units sold first day? 14.8 million have been sold since….some impressive numbers for sure.

But the iPad 2 looks to eclipse both those benchmarks. Expert analysts are projecting 600K units to sell today and 30 million units to sell between April 2011 and March 2012.

Early reviews by leading Apple centric media give it a resounding thumbs up.

But as one might expect, controversy has entered the arena.

Seems as though tech guru extraordinaire Walt Mossberg in his review of the iPad 2 had to find the slightest aspects in which to ding the new tablet.

And plugged into the Apple world goings on like no other, John Gruber,…well, he takes Walt to task on his opinions.

So we started asking ourselves, as a manufacturer that regularly interacts with reviewers and their sometimes questionable takes on our products, does one really need to find fault however small or personally perceived just to appear unbiased? Here’s a few of the OWC Blog team takes on the subject. And to keep things interesting, we’ll ask you for your opinion at the end too! Article Continues…