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Get Great Deals on Pre-Owned iPads from OWC

Friday, March 22nd, 2013 | Author:

Resisting the temptation that is the Apple iPad is no easy task. Just looking at its ubiquitous presence around OWC headquarters is proof of that. Well … that and the fact that more than 100 million of the devices have been sold since its inception, but who’s counting. Of course, there are still some holdouts. And for those of you who have resisted so far, now is the perfect time to get your fingers on one.

OWC has an array of combinations of pre-owned iPad 2s with huge savings over Apple’s own refurbished models. We’ve got 16GB, 32GB and 64GB models available in white and black, with both Wi-Fi and cellular 3G, and with Wi-FI only. And if you opt for the 3G version, not only will you save even compared with buying a WiFi-only refurbished model from Apple, but you won’t incur a 3G cost until you choose to activate it. So you can conveniently wait until you need cellular 3G for a trip, etc. It’ll be there when you need it!

Supplies on OWC’s iPad 2s are limited, so in order to take advantage of these great deals you’ll need to act fast. And as always, our Pre-Owned iPad 2s come with a 180 day warranty and a 14 day money-back guarantee, and you’ll also receive an Apple original dock and AC charger.

Want some extra protection or accessories for your iPad when you get it? We’ve got that covered to. From Newer Technology Pad Protectors and GripStands, to genuine Apple Smart Covers and other great accessories, we’ve got something for everyone!

Mountain Lion has Wi-Fi Issues

Friday, July 27th, 2012 | Author:

What would a new OS launch be without a few hiccups?

I experienced a Wi-Fi issue on my 2008 iMac wherein Mountain Lion’s Wi-Fi connection gets really slow… dial-up slow. Restarting the modem and Airport router didn’t fix it. Only plugging in direct via ethernet fixed the issue.

I checked online and there’s only a smattering of posts with people discussing the issue. Either it’s not widespread or people haven’t noticed it yet.

One post in an Apple Discussion mentions that they took their laptop to an Apple Genius and they fixed it, but they couldn’t see what the genius did. Maybe Apple will issue an update in the future, or maybe there’s something quick an easy that fixes it.

We’ll look into it more and let you know if we come up with anything to fix this Wi-Fi slowdown issue with Mountain Lion.

If you have info on fixing, or are experiencing a similar issue leave a comment below.


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AT&T Makes iPad 3G Lose Its Luster

Friday, June 4th, 2010 | Author:

Apple has made one heckuva product in the iPad. Anyone that I’ve demoed my iPad Wi-Fi simply wants one within a minute of actually using the sleek device. The iPad 3G equips the iPad with 3G wireless internet that was supposed to be unlimited… that is until AT&T killed unlimited data and went with a very limited tiered pricing structure for it’s wireless data.

The AT&T plan:
Charge, charge, charge for data (reminds me of AOL charging for hours)

At the Rate of:

  • $15 a month for 200MB of data dubbed the “DataPlus” plan. Go over 200MB you get charged $15 more for the next 200MB (more like DataRipoff)
  • $25 a month for 2GB of data dubbed the “DataPro” plan. Go over and it’s $10 for every GB extra.
  • Tethering… whoopie Internet tethering… $25 DataPro plan subscribers only… plus $20 extra for tethering, of which… why bother tethering if there’s a 2GB limit.
  • But wait there’s grandfathering for those who currently have the unlimited $30 plan… so no worries, right?! Until your contract expires! (That’ll cause some issues.)

What’s an Apple To Do?
I know it’s popular to bash on Apple, but I feel for them on this. The iPad 3G is nary a month old with $129 premium to get the 3G antenna to access AT&T’s high-speed wireless Internet. It was supposed to be unlimited data plan, and it was strongly sold as such.

With AT&T’s DataPro plan you can forget streaming Netflix, ABC, or downloading feature rich apps like the Wired App which at 527MB would use over 25% of the DataPro plan by itself (more like Semi-Pro). Many will answer, “you should do that over wi-fi anyway.” So why have the 3G then?

This also harkens back to the original iPhone release in 2007 when Apple knocked the price down a couple hundred dollars after mere month’s of being released. With AT&T dumping the unlimited plan a month after iPad’s 3G release, it would be easy to understand if those that bought the iPad 3G had some buyers remorse and sought to return the product. Not having unlimited data on the iPad is just terrible. Wi-fi is now where it’s at.

The Telecom Industry Blinks by ‘Nickel and Diming’ Its Customers. Article Continues…