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Love At First Type With Matias Tactile One Keyboard

Monday, June 17th, 2013 | Author:

Touch screens have revolutionized the way we use computers. Perhaps more importantly, they’ve changed the way we use our phones. The touch capabilities coupled with the power of the iPhone and other smartphones has boosted our mobile productivity unprecedented levels. It’s now possible to do many of the tasks that previously were reserved for your Mac right on your iPhone.

But while tapping a screen has served as a fine alternative to using a mouse, typing on a touch screen can still be frustrating and inaccurate. Fortunately, writing an email or texting on your iPhone doesn’t have to be a series of typos that lead to embarrassing auto-correct mishaps. With the Matias Tactile One Keyboard, you can bring the same comfort of typing on your Mac to your iPhone! And with the new special OWC price of $144.99, luxurious typing is easier to obtain than ever. Article Continues…

Pre-Owned iPad 2s On Special At OWC

Thursday, May 23rd, 2013 | Author:

Have we got a deal for you. OWC has got iPad 2s on special!

32GB iPad 2 WiFi + 3G models from $319 


64GB iPad 2 WiFi + 3G models from $355

Not only are these prices lower than Apple refurbished pricing for the same WiFi only models, but these are with Verizon or AT&T cellular capability (which can be left off for WiFi only use) as a substantially added value.

These pre-owned iPad 2s have been thoroughly inspected, tested and made ready to find new homes and businesses where they can be appreciated once more. They’re in excellent functional condition, but have already been “broken in” to save you that heartbroken feeling from doing it yourself.

Supplies on OWC’s iPad 2s are limited, so in order to take advantage of these great deals you’ll need to act fast. And as always, our Pre-Owned iPad 2s come with a 180 day warranty and a 14 day 100% money-back guarantee, and you’ll also receive an Apple original dock and AC charger.

Want some extra protection or accessories for your iPad when you get it? We’ve got that covered to. From Newer Technology Pad Protectors and GripStands, to genuine Apple Smart Covers and other great accessories, we’ve got something for everyone!

Hit The Right Digits This Tax Season

Wednesday, April 3rd, 2013 | Author:

Tax season. It’s the dreaded inevitability we face every spring. And we all know what kind of stress that can come along with it. Missed deadlines, forgetting to deduct your generous charitable contributions, careless math … there’s so much that can go wrong when navigating this minefield.

While we here at Other World Computing can’t help you beat procrastination and meet that ever-nearing April 15 deadline, we can help you hit the right digits when you file. Mathematical mistakes are common when doing taxes and they can actually end up costing you money. Needless to say, it’s important to enter the correct numbers when filing, and this small investment can help you do just that.

The Cropmark LMP Bluetooth Keypad is the perfect addition to any Apple wireless keyboard and makes punching the right numbers a breeze when you file. It also pairs well with your MacBook or any other Bluetooth capable Macintosh.

The key to the Cropmark keypad that makes it so great lies in its ability to physically connect to the Apple wireless keyboard. And its durable plastic frame is designed to match your keyboard’s aluminum finish for a seamless look. The Cropmark keypad features 28 keys for convenient entering of figures, tables and calculations. Of course, it includes figures 0-9, operation keys, hot-keys, page up/down, arrow up/down, delete forward and an enter function key as well. And there’s no dongle or driver installation required, so it’s easy to use!

And OWC shipping will make sure you get it fast, so you can get started on your number-crunching and get the refund you deserve.

The Other World – Episode 64

Sunday, December 23rd, 2012 | Author:

Category: The Other World

The OWC May Garage Sale Is Now In Full Swing!

Saturday, June 4th, 2011 | Author:

Traditionally, Memorial Day weekend kicks off  the unofficial start Garage Sale season. Trekking from house to house and sifting though a sea of mismatched Tupperware, baby clothes and other unwanted items; thousands find themselves looking for that gem of a deal or treasures from years past that just aren’t available anymore.

The OWC Garage Sale is different. There’s no waiting for the season as we have one each and every month of the year! No need to drive from location to location looking for that one special item as everything is in one convenient location – your web browser! And if you’re looking for treasures past, we got em!

Just a few highlights of what you’ll find this month: