My ________ Broke When I Upgraded To Lion!

There’s only so much preparation that can be done before a major operating system release. It seems inevitable to avoid every hiccup.

Fortunately, many manufacturers of products have already issued compatibility statements, driver updates and workarounds for many of the products we carry. For those that haven’t, OWC has been (and will continue to be) testing the products we carry  and compiling our findings into our handy “Updating to OS X 10.7 Lion: OWC’s Compatibility and Transition Guide.” If you are experiencing any issues with your hardware, we suggest checking there first.

In reviewing the most common issues we’ve been hearing from our Technical Support Team, there are a couple of other items worth mentioning:

  • In a related but different issue, we’ve found that by upgrading to Lion, some 3rd party product drivers that were working under Snow Leopard have been uninstalled by the Lion installer – causing once rock solid products to develop issues or no longer be recognized by the OS. So, the simple fix for these circumstances is to reinstall your drivers if you have any issues with your hardware. Many don’t need updates, just a re-install. If you are still having a problem after the reinstall though, check the Compatibility and Transition Guide or the manufacturer’s website for an updated driver specifically coded for Lion.

Let us know in the comments if there are other issues you’ve found that the above tips haven’t helped with…and if you have found a fix…so you can “pay it forward” to other readers.