Last Chance to Vote for OWC

Well, we’re in the final stretch for this year’s “Visit Me at CES” video contest. Voting ends today, so if you’re waiting until the last minute to vote for us, you’d better act now! And for those who have already voted for us – you can go ahead and vote for us again!

All you need to do is:

  1. Go to the CES video contest page.
  2. Find OWC’s video – videos are apparently listed randomly, so you need to search for “CES: The Countdown” titled video.
  3. Click the Vote button by our video (you may have to register and/or log in first).
  4. Click the Vote button nine more times.

Contrary to our original post a couple of weeks ago it seems you can vote up to ten times per day, so with this being the last day, that’s ten more votes you can give us.

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