Avoid the Mayhem. Shop Online with OWC.

As Black Friday has been underway, the retail store chaos never ceases to amaze! Standing in line to get into stores… in line for time release specials that are often exhausted way before the line is. And then more lines just to check out… What a contrast to the calm and peaceful ease of doing it online…

Avoid the mayhem. Shop Online with OWC.


  • I got nervous watching that!

    The level of madness for BF differs by region, but we did not go anywhere to buy anything on BF. We slept in a little and enjoyed the day without shopping.

    Well, after I put a nice order in with OWC on Thanksgiving morning :) ;)

  • I arrived at Office Depot at 4:40AM and there were 10 people in line. When the store opened at 5:00AM, the now 20 people in line all walked in calmly.

    Later I was at Costco just before they opened at 9:00AM and the 30 or so people in line were quite calm as well.

    Best to stay away from the crazy super stores: Target, Best Buy, Walmart, etc.