OWC Announces Memory Upgrades From 8GB to 32GB For 2012 27″ Apple iMac

Other World Computing announced today the immediate availability of the OWC Memory Upgrade Kits from 8GB to 32GB for 2012 27″ iMac models that began shipping recently. OWC’s kits offer memory configurations not offered by the factory as well as savings up to over $400 compared to same size factory options. Like all OWC Memory Upgrade Kits, a ‘how-to’ install video and OWC Lifetime warranty are included.

One of Easiest to Upgrade Macs Ever Produced

Unlike the 2012 iMac’s complex install process which requires removing the screen with a custom upgrade kit developed and offered only by OWC, the 2012 27″ iMac has been hailed as one of the easiest to upgrade Macs ever produced. A memory access panel on the rear of the 27″ machine ejects via a simple push button located above the power input. Adding more memory is a simple, several minute process of installing new modules into the memory slots and reinstalling the access panel. Therefore, Mac performance experts recommend selecting the least amount of factory installed RAM when ordering a 2012 27″ iMac.

Savings Up to Over $400 Compared to Factory Upgrade

New iMac owners seeking to max-out the RAM can select the $197.00 32GB OWC memory upgrade and save over $400 compared to the 32GB factory cost of $600. For even more savings, iMac owners can trade-in the two factory base 4GB memory modules.

OWC Memory Upgrades for 2012 Apple iMac 27” 2.9GHz/3.2GHz i5 Models and 3.4GHz i7 Model:

Add to existing 2 x 4GB factory installed modules for 16GB total memory. Offers 75 percent savings vs. factory installed 16GB option.

Add to existing 2 x 4GB factory installed modules for 20GB total memory. Not available as a factory installed option.

51 percent savings vs. factory installed option.

67 percent savings vs. factory installed option.

Up to 32GB Memory Also Available for 2010-2011 iMacs

Owners of 2010-2011 iMacs can add an OWC Memory Upgrade up to 16GB priced from $97.50 to the original factory maximum 16GB installed memory for a total of 32GB. With the benchmark proven ability of OWC’s memory upgrades and the horsepower of up to a 3.4GHz Quad-Core i7 processor, these relatively new iMacs can deliver serious graphics production, A/V editing, and other professional use performance rivaling that of a Mac Pro for far less cost. For more information on the full line of memory upgrades for Apple iMac from 1998 to present, visit: http://eshop.macsales.com/shop/apple/memory/iMac 

It just makes financial and performance sense to select the base level of factory installed RAM when ordering a new 27″ iMac,” said Larry O’Connor, Founder and CEO, Other World Computing. “For hundreds less than the factory, you can select one of our upgrades to deliver the machine’s true potential and install it yourself with a memory access design so easy, the process can be done by nearly anyone.