Microsoft Phasing Out Hotmail, Will Move Users To Outlook

As we reported on the OWC Blog in October, Microsoft has been allowing its email users to voluntarily change their Hotmail and MSN addresses over to the software company’s replacement webmail interface,

And now that the new, revamped service has officially moved out of the preview stage and is available to all users, Microsoft will begin phasing out Hotmail and MSN addresses completely and automatically move all of its users to This process will happen gradually and is expected to be completed by this summer.

This means if you use a Hotmail or MSN address, your hosting will change, not the email address itself. However, Microsoft is still offering the option to manually change your address at any time.

If you update your address,  you’ll also want to update your information for the “OWC Tips n’ Deals” & “Hot Deals Blast” mailings to ensure you’ll continue to receive the latest news and deals from OWC. Fortunately, updating your information is simple. With our “Tips n’ Deals” and “Hot Deals Blast,” you just need to just re-register with the new address. And as always, privacy is very important to OWC. You don’t need to worry about OWC’s lists contributing to the spam in your inbox; OWC has never and will never sell, trade, or otherwise provide your information to a third party or submit your information for another list.


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