Data Recovery Help Offered To Tornado Victims

Cleanup and rebuilding efforts have only just begun for recovering victims of the recent tornadoes in Oklahoma and Kansas. But a data recovery company is offering help to those in need when it comes to getting their digital lives back in order.

The Data Rescue Center will provide a complementary evaluation and $500 toward data recovery charges for victims of the storms. The Northern California-based company will ship its Red Box Kit to victims at no charge, including a postage paid box and custom packaging to ship an external or internal hard drive back to the company’s facility.

Our condolences go out to the victims of these powerful and devastating storms. As people discover that their computers were damaged in the storm, we want them to be aware that in many cases we are able to help them recover files from those hard drives.” said Brian Crosby, Recovery Engineer at The Data Rescue Center.

The Data Rescue Center also offered precautionary steps to preserve data:

  • Do not attempt to use your computer or external hard drive.
  • Power down the computer or disconnect the external hard drive.
  • Handle the drive carefully and do not attempt to open the drive.

For more information on the efforts by the good folks at The Data Rescue Center, contact a data recovery specialist at 877-501-4949 or visit For more information on Data Recue software, you can also check out OWC’s selection.

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  • Nice way to market. Giving away to storm affected peoples are greateful. We are going to use this strategy for our company in