NuGuard KX: Asset To The Accident-Prone

If you know me, it’s no secret that I’m rather accident-prone. Seriously, who else do you know that could be innocently walking past a soccer game and suddenly get hit in the face with the ball? Have you tripped up several stairs at once? Or maybe you have gotten up in the middle of class only to find that your leg is asleep and can’t support your weight, thus falling dramatically to the ground in front of your graceful peers? Yep, I’m that lucky.

So, it would only make sense for someone like me to invest in one of our NuGuard KX cases. It comes in handy when I somehow swivel my chair and in one fell swoop knock down everything on my desk, including my phone. I see it falling in slow motion and wonder what to save first—my vase of fake flowers, the framed picture of my Nana, or my phone. Well, now I can take one of those things out of the running. I can laugh maniacally as I watch my phone tumble downward because I know it’s protected within the confines of my KX case. (And in case you were wondering, I saved Nana).

The KX case has energy X-Orbing gel technology that absorbs impact when your phone is dropped. Think of it like those commercials where for some reason, the wife has an urge to jump on the bed while a glass of wine is sitting on the edge. (Why isn’t she drinking the wine? It looks like perfectly good wine! SOMEONE DRINK THE WINE BEFORE IT GETS SPILLED AND WASTED!) The point is, the KX also absorbs energy and directs it away from your iPhone, keeping it safe and good as new. Check out these videos if you want to see it with your own eyes!

But hey, you could also say that the NuGuard KX itself is accident-prone—okay, not really, but hear me out—it went and threw itself off a wind turbine! (well, we might’ve given it a little push…). I mean, even I know better than to climb to the top of a wind turbine (because knowing my luck, I would trip, get my shirt caught on one of the blades, and be spun around in circles until the next windless day in Woodstock). But amazingly enough, the case and the iPhone survived the fall. Now that’s protection.

There are lots of other cases out there, but none that will protect your iPhone the way that the NuGuard KX can. And at only $35, it’s a great value. Now if we can only start working on a full body suit made out of KX material…it would save me a lot of bruises.

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