Infographic: Top 10 Ways To Break Your iPhone

We’ve all been there. One second, you and your iPhone are blissfully skipping through a field of flowers—you’re texting, watching YouTube videos, updating your status to “feeling exhausted” on Facebook for the third day in a row—and just like that, your moment comes to a screeching halt.

You feel your perfect, beloved iPhone slip from your fingers and barrel in slow motion toward the ground. You fumble, karate chop, try anything to save your phone—but too often, it’s too late.

how to break your iphone

So, how do you save your beloved phone from fates such as these?

Check out our NuGuard KX Case! The KX case’s energy X-orbing impact protection is specifically engineered to meet the challenges that today’s handheld devices are put through on a daily basis. The simple, one piece design offers state of the art X-treme protection from massive drops WITHOUT the bulkiness of other cases. Built with Hyper-Advanced Shock Seal foam, the KX case is Mil-Spec certified to absorb the energy from extreme drops, so you phone doesn’t have to.

Now you and your phone can go back to doing what you love—except now you know your phone will be safe when you skip together in that field of flowers.

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