OWC’s Mac Pro 2013 Processor Upgrade Compatibility Testing

Last week, we confirmed that the processor in the new 2013 Mac Pro is, in fact, user upgradeable. Now we have begun the process of testing compatibility with different processors.

We’re still in the process of testing and can only recommend processors that we’ve been able to test and verify. We have supplied other notes on other processors for informational purposes only. Processors appearing on this list, unless noted as OWC tested, does not mean the processor will work or should be tried by anyone other than OWC staff at this moment.

Any upgrade to processors should be done at the user’s discretion and own risk. OWC cannot guarantee warranty status after any upgrade or alteration to the Mac Pro aside from upgrading its memory through OWC, which is a user upgrade approved by Apple that will not affect warranty status.

Check out the list of processors below:

OWC’s Mac Pro 2013 Processor Upgrade Compatibility Testing 

ProcessorCoresClock SpeedCacheTDPLith.SocketPart NumberNotes
Intel® Xeon®43.70 GHz10MB130 W22nmFCLGA2011E5-1620 v2Apple offering
Intel® Xeon®63.50 GHz12MB130 W22nmFCLGA2011E5-1650 v2Apple offering
Intel® Xeon®122.70 GHz30MB130 W22nmFCLGA2011E5-2697 v2Apple offering
Intel® Xeon®63.50 GHz25MB130 W22nmFCLGA2011E5-2643 v2OWC Testing
Intel® Xeon®63.70 GHz15MB130 W22nmFCLGA2011E5-1660 v2OWC Qualified
Intel® Xeon®83.30 GHz25MB130 W22nmFCLGA2011E5-2667 v2OWC Qualified
Intel® Xeon®103.00 GHz25MB130 W22nmFCLGA2011E5-2690 v2OWC Qualified
Intel® Xeon®41.80 GHz10MB80 W22nmFCLGA2011E5-2603 v2Not tested
Intel® Xeon®42.50 GHz10MB80 W22nmFCLGA2011E5-2609 v2Not tested
Intel® Xeon®43.50 GHz15MB130 W22nmFCLGA2011E5-2637 v2Not tested
Intel® Xeon®62.00 GHz15MB50 W22nmFCLGA2011E5-2618L v2Not tested, low power
Intel® Xeon®62.10 GHz15MB80 W22nmFCLGA2011E5-2620 v2Not tested
Intel® Xeon®62.40 GHz15MB60 W22nmFCLGA2011E5-2630L v2Not tested, low power
Intel® Xeon®62.60 GHz15MB80 W22nmFCLGA2011E5-2630 v2Not tested
Intel® Xeon®81.90 GHz20MB70 W22nmFCLGA2011E5-2628L v2Not tested, low power
Intel® Xeon®82.00 GHz20MB95 W22nmFCLGA2011E5-2640 v2Not tested
Intel® Xeon®82.60 GHz20MB95 W22nmFCLGA2011E5-2650 v2Not tested
Intel® Xeon®83.40 GHz25MB150 W22nmFCLGA2011E5-2687W v2150 W TBD, BEWARE
Intel® Xeon®101.70 GHz25MB70 W22nmFCLGA2011E5-2650L v2Not tested, low power
Intel® Xeon®101.90 GHz25MB70 W22nmFCLGA2011E5-2648L v2Not tested, low power
Intel® Xeon®102.20 GHz25MB95 W22nmFCLGA2011E5-2660 v2Not tested
Intel® Xeon®102.40 GHz25MB95 W22nmFCLGA2011E5-2658 v2Not tested
Intel® Xeon®102.50 GHz25MB115 W22nmFCLGA2011E5-2670 v2Not tested
Intel® Xeon®102.80 GHz25MB115 W22nmFCLGA2011E5-2680 v2Not tested
Intel® Xeon®122.40 GHz30MB115 W22nmFCLGA2011E5-2695 v2Not tested