Check The Pulse On Your New Year’s Resolution

healthtrackerAt the beginning of every year, we make promises to better ourselves. We call these plans “resolutions.” The resolution begins with high hopes and slight delusions of grandeur. We choose something like “This year, I’m finally going to climb Mount Everest.”

But within the first few months of the year the resolution changes to “Maybe I’ll start by climbing the biggest hill in town.” And by May it has changed to “I should probably climb off the couch to get my own Oreos.”

Or maybe you promised yourself you would go to the gym every day. But by February you’ve convinced yourself that was a bit ambitious and not even Gisele has time to hit the gym every day. By May you’ve accepted that chasing around your kids and making sure your husband doesn’t hurt himself while doing household projects definitely counts as exercise (and that chocolate is a good source of antioxidants).

This is the all too familiar “de-evolution” of the New Year’s Resolution.

It’s a sad fact—one in three New Year’s Resolutions doesn’t make it in to February (note: not actual fact, just drawn from personal life experience). But now there’s a way to make sure your resolution has a fighting chance by using the Withings Pulse Fitness Tracker.

The Withings Pulse not only captures steps and calories burned, but also elevation climbed and distance travelled. It syncs with your smartphone or tablet to analyze your data and help you better yourself by improving your choices after viewing this data (AKA proof of your activity…or inactivity). And when you see your progress, you’ll be motivated to keep going.

The Withings Pulse also analyzes your sleep so you can see if you are sleeping soundly or have a pattern of sleep walking and terrorizing the neighborhood (or the fridge).

Resolutions are easy to keep when you’re being held accountable by devices such as the Withings Pulse Tracker. But don’t worry—for those chronic resolution breakers such as myself, there still is one loophole—it doesn’t measure how much chocolate you eat.

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