New Enclosure means a New Video!!!

valu-lineAll you hardware junkies out there who want to be in on the “new hardware take-apart” game, it’s time to rejoice. After a brief hiatus, we’ve got a new video in our Instructional Series for your viewing pleasure.

This time around, we’re taking a look at the brand-spankin’-new OWC Value Line 5.25″ Enclosure Kit for SATA Optical Drives. Whether you’re looking to roll your own external Blu-ray Disc recorder, make use of the SATA optical drive you removed from your Mac Pro in an attempt to cram as many hard drives into your Mac Pro as possible, or something else entirely, this enclosure is a great option at a great price.

Better still, it’s not just easy on your wallet; it’s easy to assemble, too. Don’t believe me? Check out the installation video, either in our Tech Center or on our YouTube Channel.

OWC Chris S.
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