OWC Radio 2.0 Episode #1 – A Brief History With Tim

owc_radio_album_artOWC Radio returns with an all-new 2.0 version! Tim Robertson hosts the episode with a brief explanation about the new show and it’s history, the 30th anniversary of the Mac, and a fun interview with Steve Sande from TUAW.com.

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Please send feedback to owcradio@macsales.com. We are looking to share stories of your first Mac on the show, so please send us an email, tell us what your first Mac was, and why you purchased it!

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  • No offense to Tim, but this new podcast is of little interest.

    I look to an OWC podcast to be by OWC staff discussing topics related to OWC products.

    I very much liked the earlier podcasts that had Grant, Mike, etc sitting around the table discussing insights around a new OWC product or just geeking about the latest Mac release. Many of these were worth listening to multiple times.

    • Hi MacRat. Thanks for the feedback.

      We’ll look to incorprate some of the content format from the other podcasts as we improve upon the new OWC Podcast format. Thanks for listening.

    • Hi MacRat
      I have some episodes planned that I hope you will find very informative. One of the goals of this podcast will be to both entertain and inform. Entertainment with our interviews and commentary, and inform with Mac users getting the most out of their machines. I love geeking out to the latest from Apple as much as the next person, but I love geeking out on upgrading older computers just the same, if not more. I hope you tune in for the next episode!