OWC SSDs: Built Better For Your Mac

PR_SSD2012When getting an upgrade for your Mac, you want it to be as reliable as the Mac itself. In essence, you want it to “just work.”

At OWC, we really take that sentiment to heart. That’s why when we provide SSDs for your Mac, we make sure that we’re providing an upgrade that simply is built better for your Mac.

We wrote in December about the benefits of a drive that doesn’t need TRIM support and thus doesn’t need software/hacks to keep TRIM enabled. This is just one of the many benefits including better support, longer warranties, and exceptional performance from day one while maintaining that speed regardless of how full the drive becomes.

Other non-Apple brand drives that only perform best with TRIM enabled require that you re-enable that software/hack at various points as normal software updates and even other events disable these “solutions” and become just another maintenance item that needs to be watched.

This also makes our SSDs great in hardware RAID setups. Typical solutions that trick your Mac into enabling TRIM will only support internally connected drives, but do not do so for drives setup in hardware RAID or drives that are externally connected via USB, FireWire, or eSATA.

We know the value of peace of mind when it comes to your technology. That’s why we make sure that when you open up your OWC SSD for your Mac, you’ll just need to follow two simple steps: Install and enjoy!

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