The “new” Mac minis?

macmini-20091020Typo in ‘new’ Mac mini page or just marketing play on words?

As our team goes full bore on the new iMac and Mac minis that just popped on the Apple site, I’m sitting back a little disappointed with the ‘new’ Mac minis.

Apple is touting with ‘up to twice as much memory’, but it still only supports up to 4GB. That’s the same as the previous Mac mini line up….

Apparently it counts that they are with up to twice as much memory as before they came with 1GB or 2GB standard, 4GB optional. Because Apple now has a configuration which comes with 4GB  standard, that’s twice as much memory Standard as had been before.

The Mac mini would be an incredible powerhouse with 8GB, that’s what twice the memory should have meant. We were excited, at first, thinking Apple taken off the Mac mini’s memory ‘restrictor plate’, but alas – just a marketing play on words.

– OWC Larry

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  • It’s lame that Apple just didn’t make the 4GB standard in all the Mac mini’s.

    Better for the user if they have a maxed out system from the day they buy it.