Add a Splash of Color to Your Adventures with NewerTech Lightning Cables

NTColored_LCWe’ve all been there. That World Cup match you were streaming had just a few too many minutes of stoppage time, or you scrolled down your Twitter feed just a bit too often that Monday afternoon. This kind of reckless, power-sapping activity can leave your device in dire need of a quick charge.

We’ve showed you just how handy our durable NewerTech Lightning Cables can be in these situations, or wherever you might need them along your travels. But sometimes, you want to add a bit of color to those adventures. And the newest flavors of our NewerTech Lightning Cables will do just that.

In addition to Black and White, our Lightning cables now come in vibrant shades of Blue, Green and Pink that will match any style and complement any color of device or case! And our NewerTech Lightning Cables are available in convenient lengths from 0.5M up to 3M at prices as brilliant as their hues.

With heavy gauge conductors, high-quality connectors and a nylon-braided jacket, you’re not getting just any Lightning cable. You’ll get a cable that’s built tough and built to last. To prove it, our Lightning cables are backed by an incredible 5-year limited warranty!

Check out what some of our customers have had to say about our Lightning cables:

  • “You can’t find a better lightning cable than these…The best part is the 5-year warranty. I run through Apple’s cables so fast that I need to buy multiple replacements every year. These cables are stronger, better looking, longer lasting, and they’re CHEAPER!”
  • “The cable is great, I love the braided ‘vintage’ feel.”
  • “This replacement cable for my iPhone 5s which is only 4 months old will last much longer than the cable that came with the phone.”
  • “No problem of ‘it’s not an Apple cable’. Better quality than original Apple cable.”