OWC Videos Make Installation of Optical Drive In External Enclosure Simple

owc_valuelinesilm_gall1Despite their usefulness, Apple has been phasing optical drives out of their Mac lineup over the past few years in favor of thinner machines and digital delivery of media. But just because Apple’s machines no longer feature them, it doesn’t mean you can’t still take advantage of optical drives.

OWC offers a range of external optical solutions that pair perfectly with any Mac. And if you have a bare optical drive, OWC’s installation videos are great guides to help you install your drive in an OWC external enclosure.

Recently we released two more optical installation videos to our lineup. Check out below for our latest optical installation videos:

OWC Value Line 5.25-inch Enclosure drive installation:

OWC Value Line Slim Optical Enclosure drive installation:

We’re always adding videos to our highly-acclaimed series, so be sure to bookmark the OWC Blog or check us out on YouTube for the latest!

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