OWC Back To School: Packing Big Performance

um_macminis_2It’s late August. It’s hot outside. And your car is so packed that all you can see in your rear-view mirror is your tattered plaid comforter crushed under the weight of 20 pounds worth of microwavable dinners and granola bars.

That’s right… it’s move-in day.

College move-in day is a dreaded affair overcrowded with pushy teens and golf carts tightly packed with way more clothing than could ever fit in a tiny dorm room closet.

And while you’ll certainly be making at least 15 trips from the car to your dorm room, the days of lugging a massive PC tower and even bigger monitor up several flights of stairs luckily are gone. Now you can get a computer powerful enough for any school project in a package small enough to fit in an old shoebox.

The Mac mini is a great option as a small and affordable, yet still powerful machine. And OWC not only has a great selection of pre-owned Mac minis but also a ton of upgrades on our Back to School page to help you squeeze even more power out Apple’s smallest Mac. Want to add an SSD or a second HDD? The Data Doubler will pack more storage right in your mini. You can also cram in up to 16GB of memory for maximum performance.

Check out the Mac mini section of our OWC’s Back to School page for other ideas on how you can get major performance from your Mac mini and for other accessories including keyboards, mice and (easy-to-carry) displays.

Bonus Mac mini accessories:


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