Spreadsheet Makes Sense Of Price And Weight Of All Apple Watch Combos

A mini version of the Apple Watch spreadsheet put together by Rob Griffiths

For each of the three Apple Watch lines, there are a number of combinations of cases and straps. Trying to figure out the price of each of those combinations or how much the Watch/Band combo weighs is a daunting exercise, which we fortunately don’t have to undertake ourselves. Rob Griffiths, a longtime Macworld contributor, blogger at Robservatory.com and podcaster at The Committed Podcast, sat down and created an amazing spreadsheet that does all the work for you. It’s available for download here. UPDATE: Sadly, the spreadsheet is no longer available on Dropbox. 

During the course of his research, Griffiths dug up these gems of Apple Watch trivia:

  • The Classic Buckle Apple Watch is the lightest Apple Watch at just 56 grams, while the Stainless Steel Link Apple Watch weighs in at 2.2 times as much at 125 grams.
  • You know those slender sports straps for the Apple Watch Sport? They don’t all weigh the same. The black band is just 37 grams, with white a full 10 grams heavier.
  • There are some band/watch combinations that just aren’t available. In the Apple Watch family, there’s no 38mm leather loop band or 42mm modern buckle band. For the pricy Apple Watch Edition, you have no way of getting a classic buckle band with a 38mm watch or a modern buckle with a 42mm watch.

The spreadsheet is pure dynamite for anyone who is obsessing over Apple Watch details. Me? I know what I’m getting – Apple Watch Sport, space gray case, black band.