Blue Origin Company Successfully Tests Space Tourism Rocket

Rocket Yard LogoWe’re quite fond of outer space here at the Rocket Yard. In fact, most of us here would probably be willing to part ways with a shilling or two for an opportunity to take a ride into the cosmos.

Whether we would part with a rumored $200,000… well, that might be a different story. But now, it looks like the ability to do so – if one chooses – might not be so far off.

Without fanfare or promotion, Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin company quietly and successfully tested in West Texas a craft that has the ability to take tourists into space. The vehicle, named the New Shepard, lifted to an altitude of 58 miles (about four miles short of space) and the unmanned crew capsule successfully separated from the main booster rocket.

“Any astronauts on board would have had a very nice journey into space and a smooth return,” Bezos said.

There’s no word yet on when the next test or when manned flights will begin. But rest assured, as soon as it’s announced, we will let you know so you can begin saving up to punch your ticket.


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