Moleskine Launches Timepage App for iPhone and Apple Watch

Moleskine Timepage App

Those who love to take handwritten notes are usually quite familiar with Moleskine’s line of beautiful notebooks. The stylish notebooks are thread bound, have a soft cover, use acid free paper, and are held closed with elastic. The company has released several apps with the Moleskine design chic over the years, and today the company launched its newest iPhone and Watch app: Timepage (US $4.99).

Timepage joins a crowded market of calendar apps that are all trying to supplant the Calendar app built into iOS 8. To do so, the company has created a rather elegant looking app that uses common Moleskine color schemes, beautiful typefaces, and a somewhat unique user interface. The app is desgined to put all calendar information stored on an iCloud, Google Calendar, or Exchange server into one place, then integrate it with weather forecasts, maps, and contact data.

Rather than looking at days/weeks/months/years, Timepage uses a continuous timeline that can be scrolled backward or forward in time. The weather app provides graphics and charts showing the general conditions that will exist at a specific time (rain, partly cloudy, etc…), and events that are added to the app with locations provide travel time and directions. You don’t have to be driving to your meeting to get that info: the travel information is available for car, public transit, cycling or walking.

Moleskine Timepage App

The Watch app shows a day-by-day schedule for the next week, as well as the weather and map information. A Glance view shows the time waiting until your next event, as well as how long it will take you to travel to the venue. You’re reminded of events with a subtle tap on the wrist.

Events are added in the iPhone app. Timepage provides a natural language input capability, so typing something like “Dinner with Jarrod at The Nickel” fills in the details automatically.

Timepage joins other Moleskine apps and books including Moleskine Creative Cloud Connected, Moleskine Journal, The Hand of the Architect and The Hand of the Designer.