OWC Tests Show 1TB SSD in 2015 15” rMBP Outperforms 256GB Model

Last week, we showed you our test results for the new faster PCIe-based flash storage in Apple’s 2015 15” MacBook Pro with Retina display.

Today, we got our hands on a unit configured with a 1TB SSD and our results were even faster than the 256GB model that we tested.

Check out below for the results of our latest testing. The unit tested is a 2.8GHz Quad Core i7 model with 16GB memory and a 1TB SSD. And as with the model we tested last week, this 15” rMBP uses a Samsung SSD and does not use the NVM Express SSD protocol.

1TB SSD 2015rMBP 1

1TB SSD 2015rMBP2

1TB SSD 2015rMBP3If you need an external drive for Time Machine or to expand your MacBook Pro with Retina display’s storage, OWC has a great selection of portable and desktop drives. And be sure to check out our Thunderbolt Central page for high performance Thunderbolt solutions.