Apple Developer Program Changes, Unifies OS X, iOS, watchOS

Apple Developer Program Email

One of the first things developers usually do after the WWDC Keynote address is fire up their Macs and point their browsers to the Apple Developer website to grab the latest beta versions of operating systems and development tools. Yesterday, most were surprised to find that the Developer Program had undergone some changes for the better.

In the past, developing for both iOS and OS X meant that a developer paid a $99 membership fee for both programs on an annual basis. Now, Apple has combined all of the programs — a $99 fee covers one year of development, distribution and management of apps created for iOS, OS X and the newly-named watchOS.

For those individuals or teams that were in both programs, the expiration date of the Developer Program is now extended to the sum of the days remaining in both programs. All developers need to do is review and accept the new license agreement, and they’re ready to rock, roll, and download the iOS 9 and OS X El Capitan betas.