French Website Serves Up Rumors Of iPod Updates Next Week

New iPod colors, image via

New iPod colors, image via

Remember the iPod?

It’s the device that helped Apple’s rebirth and cemented the image of the iconic white earbuds as an Apple product in the minds of billions of people. Apple hasn’t done much with the music player lately, with the last true updates to the iPod touch coming in October of 2012 and the last big tweaks to the iPod shuffle happening way back in prehistoric times — September 2010. Well, a French website with a decent track record at rumors is pointing to next Tuesday — July 14, 2015 — as the day that we’ll see updates to the iPod line.

The website,, used a combination of leaks, iPod colors that are described in the iTunes 12.2 resource files, and new model numbers from unnamed sources to come up with the date and some idea of what changes that might occur. Most likely, the iPod touch will gain a new 64-bit processor and some new case colors, while the iPod nano and iPod shuffle will probably updated only in terms of colors.

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MacRumors discovered the iPod colors in the iTunes 12.2 resource files, which point to new finishes like a more vibrant pink, red, deep blue, space gray, light gold, and silver across the entire line. While new colors certainly won’t make for an exciting update for most of the line, the jump to a 64-bit processor for the iPod touch will bring the device into line with the latest iPhones.