Tech Tip: See What’s Going On Each Day In iOS 8 Calendar Month View

iOS 8 CalendarThe iOS 8 Calendar app Month view can seem rather useless. Although it shows about a month and a half at a glance, it only highlights days where something has been scheduled by placing a little gray dot below the day number. Wouldn’t it be nice to know what’s going on each day?

While in the Calendar Month view, look for a button to the left of the Calendar search magnifying glass. When tapped, that button turns red and then splits the screen into the current month and a list of events for a highlighted day. For example, tapping on July 24 brings up two appointments that are scheduled for that date (see image at right).

For a scrolling list of all appointments scheduled in the near future, just tap on a certain date (July 15, for example), then tap the “list button” to the left of the Calendar search magnifying glass. All appointments that are on the calendar are listed in chronological order (see image below) — handy for knowing everything that’s on tap for the next week or so.

iOS 8 Calendar App

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