iOS 9 Will Bring New Emojis for the Rest of Us

Nerd Face

In just a few short months, iOS will be perfect. iOS 9.1 will be released and at that time, all of us will be in a perfect world with many new emojis.

Taco Emoji

Seriously, I’ve always wanted to send a taco emoji to my friends, show my love for the sport of cricket, or let neighbors know that there’s a tornado heading towards the levitating man in their back yard (perhaps the tornado is the reason he’s levitating?).

OMG, tornado going toward levitating man

And have you ever wanted to let your buddies know that you’re really into unicorns? Or that you’re a total nerd? iOS 9.1 will have you covered.

Unicorn Emoji

I’m counting the days until it is released…

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