Saluting Those Who Serve or Have Served in the U.S. Navy


On October 27, 1922, the United States celebrated the first Navy Day. And nearly 100 years later on this day, we continue to honor all of the men and women who serve or have served in the United States Navy.

The date October 27 was chosen because it is the birthday of President Theodore Roosevelt, who was an Assistant Secretary of the Navy and also greatly expanded the U.S. Navy. OWC Logistical/Security Manager Larry O’Connor, who served in the Navy, spoke of his service time.

“I volunteered and loved every minute of my service time. I got a tour of southeast Asia on one of the Navy’s slowest ships – a minesweeper.  However, note that we went before the biggest, fastest ships because a mine could put down the biggest vessel.” O’Connor added that the motto of the sweeps was “Wooden Ships Iron Men”.

We hope that you’ll join us on this Navy Day in honoring those who are serving or have served in the Navy to help protect our country, as well as all of the Service Personnel serving our nation today.

Support Veterans Through Got Your 6
OWC is a National Sponsor of “Got Your 6” which aims to create opportunities for veterans and civilians to join together to strengthen our communities. Got Your 6 does this by focusing on the six key pillars of veteran reintegration: jobs, education, health, housing, family, and leadership. Please visit to find out more about how you can help the cause.

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