Using a Toshiba X300 Hard Drive with the OWC Drive Dock

If you are using or plan to use a 4.0TB, 5.0TB, or 6.0TB X300 series Toshiba hard drive with the OWC Drive Dock, it’s recommended that you review our new informational video to avoid a very specific issue with the screw heads on this drive series. Please note that the issue does not impact other 3.5″ hard drives, regardless of brand.

The Issue
The screw heads on the Toshiba X300 series of hard drives are slightly longer than those found on other 3.5” SATA drives. When an X300 Series hard drive is installed, the screw nearest the SATA connector may catch on the drive door when you attempt to remove the drive.

Removing a Stuck Drive Tip
To remove a stuck drive, use one hand to stabilize the dock, then carefully attempt to remove the drive with the other hand. You may need to gently press downward on the drive door with one of your fingers as you remove the drive.

Tape Tip
To make it less likely the screw head will catch on the drive door, place a small piece of tape over the screw head nearest to the SATA connector. If the screw still catches on the drive door, the tape will make it much easier to remove the drive.

We apologize for any inconvenience when using the X300 Series Toshiba drives.

The Ultimate Drive Dock
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