Forbes Author Makes ‘Old iMac’ Better Than New with

Image courtesy of Forbes.
Image courtesy of Forbes.

Since January, Forbes writer Anthony Karcz has written a series of articles titled “This Old iMac” in which Karcz takes steps to breathe life into his “aging” iMac.

In the latest installment of “This Old iMac,” Karcz takes what might be considered the ultimate step in giving his 2011 iMac new life. After considering the “daunting task” of upgrading his iMac’s internal drive, Karcz discovered’s memory and storage upgrade options for his iMac and OWC’s Turnkey Upgrade program that includes professional installation and delivery.

Check out Part 1 of Karcz’s two part series at Forbes in which the author sends his 2011 iMac to OWC for some serious performance upgrades. In Part 2 of the series (coming soon), Karcz will share the improved performance of his new and improved iMac from OWC’s Turnkey program.

For the entire article, visit:

Be sure to visit for more information on OWC’s iMac, Mac Pro and Mac mini Turnkey Upgrade programs.

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  • Replaced the slow 1T drive in my 2011 21.5 with owc 480g ss drive and it was easy and this 2.7hz flys now, ill never by a computer with a hard drive again