Developer Runs Windows 95 On His Apple Watch

Compared to desktop computers of the 1990s, the Apple Watch packs some punch. And that kind of performance gave developer Nick Lee an idea.

Born in the 90s, Lee wanted to bring the operating system from his first personal computer – a $3,000 PC with a 300 MHz Pentium II, 256 MB of RAM with Windows 95 – to his Apple Watch.

And while it was a tricky process, Lee was able to make it happen and even outlined the steps involved so others can give it a shot.

Here’s a video of the Apple Watch running Windows:

You can read more details about Lee’s rather complicated experiment in his Medium post at:

But Windows 95 isn’t the first obsolete OS that Lee has installed on his Apple Watch. In the video below, you can see his installation of Mac OS 7.5.5: