ZDNet Tests ‘New Breed of USB Stick’ Envoy Pro mini

Image courtesy of ZDNet.com.

Image courtesy of ZDNet.com.

Flash drives or “thumb drives” are ubiquitous. However, great performance among them is not. That was until the OWC Envoy Pro mini came along.

The Envoy Pro mini is ultra portable storage without having to sacrifice performance and reliability. It’s not your average flash drive featuring “the same quality solid-state memory and controller electronics as found in OWC’s desktop-class SSD drives.”

David Gewirtz of ZDNet.com recently put the Envoy Pro mini to the test, coming away impressed with its performance and speed. Gewirtz notes that “the Envoy Pro mini is so fast, it’s possible to actually do production work right on the drive, rather than on an internal drive. This drive can be a working drive, not just a storage container you copy files to before sending it out over the sneaker net.”

Check out the full review at ZDNet.com to see everything Gewirtz has to say and to see results from his testing. And for more on the OWC Envoy Pro mini, visit: owcdigital.com/products/external-storage/envoy-pro-mini-overview


  • I bought two envoys. One as a bootable H.D. from my MacBook, with ALL my software on it. The other as a portable, external H.D. used to store the images I was shooting on location. I took my MacBook and the 2 Envoys with me to Paris, to shoot for a week. It was a fantastic way to securely keep my all important O.S. and software safely with me, in case someone stole my MacBook, as well as having my irreplaceable images “hanging ’round my neck”! … After I got home, and a few weeks later, one of them did “brick”on me … OWC had a replacement to me in a very quick turnaround time, making it a non-issue. I do wish the form factor was slightly smaller though, so one could install the Envoy in a USB port, and still have the elbow room for the next door port to accept a second device, like an Envoy. It requires a USB hub to allow multiple Envoys to be connected to a MacBook … Please release a 1TB version soon! It is what I would require for larger photoshoots.

  • Sadly reliability is lacking. Mine bricked after 3 weeks

  • Key questions:

    1. Can the OWC Envoy Pro mini be used as booting disk for Mac to work all day long?

    2. Does it suffer from thermal Throttling?

    3. RAID 0 Inside?