OWC Sponsored Festival Honors Orson Welles, Shakespeare


Filmmaking is top of mind at the Rocket Yard lately.

Between our 2016 Video Contest with a grand prize worth over $10K and OWC gear being used on the production of the new series Crunch Time, we’ve been spending a lot of time watching the work of talented content creators all over the country.

On top of this, a legendary writer/actor/director is being honored with a festival right in our own backyard of Woodstock, Ill., so naturally, OWC is a featured sponsor of the event.

The Orson Welles Creative Arts Festival will take place throughout October, featuring screenings of Welles’ film adaptations of William Shakespeare’s plays as well as Q&As, gallery exhibits, a costume ball and more.

Welles is widely celebrated in Woodstock, as he considered the city his hometown. This year’s Shakespearean theme comes during the 400th anniversary of the playwright’s death in 1616. For more information on the monthlong celebration, visit: welleswoodstock.com/about/.

And remember, you can channel your inner Orson Welles by entering our video content by Nov. 2. For more information, please visit: eshop.macsales.com/shop/video-contest/entries

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