OWC Makes MacBooks ‘Pro’ Again With Game-Changing OWC DEC

back-to-back-computersv3OWC today announced the OWC DEC, the first-ever expansion solution designed specifically for the 2016 Apple MacBook Pro. The OWC DEC is the finishing touch to a MacBook Pro, allowing users to take their laptops to the next level, extending the life and the functionality of the already-exceptional 2016 MacBook Pro. The DEC is the latest in OWC’s long line of upgrades for nearly every Mac made and continues the company’s legacy of providing the best solutions for Mac owners.

The OWC DEC attaches completely flush to the bottom of the 2016 MacBook Pro, providing additional flash storage and connectivity, ultimately increasing the performance of MacBook Pros. With the OWC DEC, users will get an enhancement path for their 2016 MacBook Pro and MacBook Pro with Touch Bar to keep their system upgradeable for the long term in a clean and integrated fashion. On top of the core functional benefits, the OWC DEC also touts a sleek design. When installed, the OWC DEC and MacBook Pro will be as thin as a 2012 MacBook Pro, allowing this advanced solution to retain the attractive light weight design that users favor.

This patented solution has a range of features, which include:

  • Up to 4TB of additional Flash/SSD storage (for a maximum of 6 TB, including factory capacity)
  • SD Card Slot/Multi-Media card slot
  • USB 3 Type A Ports for standard USB cabled devices
  • Gigabit Ethernet
  • And other features to be announced at a later date

Larry O’Connor, OWC Founder and CEO, will personally showcase the OWC DEC prototype in Las Vegas this week. The OWC DEC enables the new MacBook Pro to be updated and expanded in order to operate at peak performance and ultimately be relevant for years longer than may otherwise be expected.

“We’ve been developing this concept for over three years and feel now is the perfect time for this ground-breaking product,” said O’Connor. “Storage space is always at a premium on a laptop and without the potential to upgrade the factory drive, the OWC DEC brings that option back in addition to cleanly supporting the gear we all rely on.”

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The release of the OWC DEC comes on the heels of a significant year of new product announcements from OWC, including the OWC Thunderbolt 3 Dock, OWC USB-C Dock, Aura SSD and the newly released Mercury Elite Pro Dual mini and Mercury Elite Pro Dual.

OWC will ship the highly-anticipated OWC DEC in late 2017. OWC Upgrades are available from MacSales.com and other fine retailer and e-tailers in the U.S. and around the world.  For more information, please visit www.owcdigital.com/DEC.



  • How about including FireWire 800.

  • Legacy ports:
    -Thunderbolt (X2)
    -USB 3(X3)
    -SD Card port
    -FireWire 800
    -HDMI port
    -option for optical drive/2nd/3rd HD (2.5″ SSD/HD)

  • Outstanding idea, how about for a 2016 12 inch MacBook!!!! Please

  • Recently, I’ve been thinking of converting to a PC with the latest disappointing offerings from Apple. Pro used to mean a portable desktop computer, but Apple knows more than their customers what they want or actually need, right? To Apple, everything is wireless and broadband available, which isn’t the case everywhere yet. Disappointingly, they couldn’t even adopt DDR4 in their latest offerings. As an Engineer, I’ve been designing circuits with DDR4 for a couple years now. I like the OWC attachment option, although it being thicker. It beats loosing all those little adapters and attachments that one has to use now. I’m still using a 2008 model. The 2009 model was available when I bought mine, but I rather and need the I/O. And, I can replace the battery, image that. It’s getting to the point, actually past the point, where I need to upgrade to a faster computer with at least four cores and more memory now. I heard a rummer, everyone hears the rummer right, that the new 2017 Pro might update the memory and possibly offer more/different I/O. It’s probably wishful thinking though. Apple is thinking different for sure.

  • Looks like room for quadruple battery life in there, the one thing I have not seen others talk about.

  • It’s kind of sad that Apple’s head is so far up it’s, um, rear that it thinks folks can do without the attachments – but good to see that OWC has once again come to market with a viable alternative to a pocket full of dongles. I guess one just must consider the cost of this to be part of the “base package” on a new MacBook Pro.

  • Something like this shouldn’t even be necessary. As far as I’m concerned, Apple has completely dropped the ball on their new products. I’ve stocked up on a couple of (new old stock) MacBook Pros that still have the ports and expansion capability I need to replace this older unit when if finally fails. After that, if I’m still alive, I’ll just switch over to Linux. And, oh yes, every new iteration of OS X that comes out is more bloated and more of a memory hog than its predecessor. I just acquired a MacBook Air with 8 GB of main memeory with Sierra installed. Upon booting, it is using over half of that memory before even opening any other programs. That’s less than 4 GB remaining for all my running programs…..pathetic!!

  • Sounds promising — just need full specifications, price and release date.

  • If you are taking requests, here are the things I’d like to see, in order of greatest importance to me (clearly the most important customer in the universe):
    1) FW800
    2) Thunderbolt
    3) SD card slot
    4) Blu-Ray burner
    5) Xpress card slot

    Seriously, this is a great idea to make the new MacBook Pros functional again.

  • Shockingly does not include an optical drive. With the advent of M-Disc, my customers are asking for optical media almost all the time.

  • Good one OWC,

    Already purchased the TB3 dock. Wish I’d seen this one coming too! With your continued innovation and solutions, I’ll keep coming back to one of my favourite etailers.

    Boi from OZ

  • Funny how it takes a 3rd party to make the macbook pro a real computer… Apple is abandoning all the professionals. They’ve been on a decline for years now. With all the “consumerism” direction I imagine Mac people will consider another option. Agreeably horrid but maybe ness. Sad….

  • I would add this thing as an “fully loaded bigger” bottomplate for the new
    MBP and add an bigger battery. Instant winner!

  • Hi, I’m so happy to see this! I just sold my BTO late 2015 maxed out (allegedly) MBP– Absolutely hated it!,

    Apple’s attempt to make their laptops “enhance proof” in every dept which now includes ram and ssds, thus allowing them to sell their mediocre level crap for triple the price, is. Shameful!

    I’ve always come to you for quality upgrades. My main task for which I use a laptop ( aside from emails, Word and basic surfing that even an old PowerBook G4 can handle), is converting downloaded movies to MP4 format, linking episodes of tv shows together to make 90-120 min “movies, and changing aspect ratios and, or cropping so the vid image fillls the screen perfectly

    With today’s technology, it’s hard to believe these simple tasks would cause a state of the art machine to stall, overheat and crash — but with the hardware Apple put into a late ’15, 2.9ghz, 16gb, 1TB MBP — that’s what happens
    That said, I have a few questions

    1. Can you upgrade the 16 gb ram to 24 or 32gb on the 2015 or 2016 models? If not, can you provide a better quality ram than they come with?

    2. Can you upgrade the processor, or VRAM?

    3. I also have a late ’12 – retina 2.9/8g/256gb; a 2005 12″ PB G4 and 2005 17” pb G4 1139. WHAT CAN YOU DO FOR THESE?


  • I just purchased another used MBP from your company in the event my current one dies out. That stated, I would consider the new MBP and your add-on if it had Thunderbolt 2(x2), USB 3(X2), Firewire 800, SD card slot, and room for one of your SSD HD’s that you sell or the internal type. I need oomph! The new ones listed seem listless. BTW- I don’t care about thinness, I want production out of my MBP, not style.

  • I wonder what the 2017 iMacs will look like. Will they have much of anything inside or will OWC need to come out with a piggyback iMac Dec that either sits above the iMac’s ports or has a single/dual extension leg that plugs into one/two TB3 ports making for a much more condensed iMac. Not much of anything on the desktop, everything is on the back of the display.

  • OWC hasn’t documented the final configuration for the DEC. When I look at it, I see a very nice TB3 dock, not something I’d always have attached unless I took it into the field. The DEC will obviously be attached by a short USB-C jumper cable. That’s the only way they’ll be able to connect. With four TB3/USB-C ports, there’s enough to go around. That said, the DEC will be limited to TB3 speed connectivity, which actually isn’t slow. Compare this undercarriage to a typical TB3 PCIe expansion box but with more capacity along with a typical TB3 dock and you have a really nice combination peripheral. Since the MBP and OWC DEC are aluminum, they’re not magnetic so I wonder if this device really is a non-portable (as in integrated) dock. To determine a realistic purchase price, look at barefeats.com for some budget flash blades in a TB3 line driven box. Add OWC’s TB3 dock’s components ($279 list), and you’re looking at a monster of a laptop (power not size).

  • Xpresscard slot, anyone?

  • How about throwing in an eSATA and FW800 port? (see for example the Akitio Thunderdock, which has the best connectivity options for an A/V pro). Many of us have perfectly good legacy hardware from that era.

  • Please let me know when the OWC DEC is available and pricing options.

  • How about a Blu-ray Rewriter SuperDrive? Now that’s what’s missing from every MacBook Pro as of now.

    Plus it wouldn’t hurt to include room for two nVidia GeForce GTX 1080M or 980M graphics cards or a nVidia Quadro M5500 graphics card or similar inside and a Thunderbolt 2 port.

  • Will it work with Bootcamp/Windows?

  • Would love to under stand how is connects to the internal bus of the Mac. I cant see anything that it could plug into other than one of the TB3 ports from the outside. Has anyone heard how this is actually going to work. I love the concept and not at all worried about the added size.

    • It will probably use a very short Thunderbolt 3 cable – probably 1/2″ long that connects from the MacBook’s Thunderbolt 3 port to the DEC’s Thunderbolt 3 port.

      I would love to see this have the same ports as the OWC Thunderbolt 3 Dock as well as having room for 2 SSD or PCIe Drives and an external battery to lengthen the MacBook Pro’s battery life.

      The primary problem I see is how OWC is going to cool the components within it. Are they going to rely on the MacBook Pro’s internal fans? These will probably not work well since they will have to take on the additional heat generated by the new components. I wouldn’t want the MacBook Pro’s internal fans to be at 6000 rpm 24 hours a day. So the DEC may need an additional fan(s) for cooling.

    • This could connect to the internal connector that the SSD uses, as that should be PCIe (which you could put anything on). I think an internal connector would be more elegant, and potentially faster than the external Thunderbolt3 connection.


    been dreaming about this for a loooonnnnng time !!!

    Please continue help apple be smart again !!!

  • SD card slot with extra pins supporting maxiuum read/write speed (300 MB/s)?

  • I was thinking a similar solution and I’m happy you will produce that. But your DEC is too thick. If you are in a investigation phase (knowing what customers want) think to make the DEC thinner, specially the front side. The keyboard will be more anatomically adapted.
    For me the DEC should offer:
    – first of all two extra pcie (standard, non apple) ssd slots
    – 2 x usb3
    – gigabit
    and appreciated:
    – sd reader
    – battery status leds
    This does not need a so thick (as in your image) DEC. Extra battery? Yes but not too big. Audio input: yes, why not. Blue ray or DVD? Not for me. But maybe you can do two versions of DEC…
    The internal mysterious connector of the macbook… is this the secret?
    (Apple: please…)

  • PLEASE add Optical SPDIF digital audio output! We use this everyday here and it’s holding us back from the new MBPs.

    • I would upgrade whatever system you are using to HDMI, because any external Optical SPDIF connection will have latency regardless of the brand you use. Trust me, I deal with media on a daily basis.

  • It needs to have Thunderbolt 2 connection for all those OWC drives everyone brought previously.

  • This is completely useless if it does not have a strong battery capable of delivering the 85W needed and for 30,000 mA.

  • This is really sad. All these expensive add-ons to address deficiencies that wouldn’t existed in the first place if Apple made a real, capable, professional machine.

  • How does the DEC connect to the MBP? The pictures don’t show a cable so I assume it connects some other way?

    If the connection does use a cable and you aren’t showing it so the pictures look cleaner than the actual product will be it would amount to lying about the product IMHO.

  • It would be great if the DEC also had a rechargeable battery, for additional battery life. This will likely eat up additional power when plugged in and having a built in battery will be a big help.

  • On the pictures provided it looks quite bulky!
    The features to be announced later should include:
    – battery extension to a total of 99.9 Watth !important
    – MagSafe !important
    – additional GPU?
    the whole package might be extended to:
    – replacement for the touchbar
    – matte screen finish
    – keyboard silencer

    Since the “base” for this is a heavily overpriced machine: the cost for this addition needs to be very sharply calculated.

  • It would be really great if it would have:

    1x Superdrive or Blu-Ray Drive
    1x Gigabit Ethernet
    1x Optical Audio
    3x USB 3.0 Type A Ports
    1x SD XC Card Slot
    1x HDMI Port with 4K Support
    2x USB 3.1 Type C Ports

    • It would be great if it did my laundry too and cooked me a nice dinner before I went to bed but how big do you want that ugly thing to be?

    • It would be very cool to keep the left side of the DEC to match the 2012 model port layout, and add any extras (optical, USB-C, etc) to the right side. This way you could potentially use existing docks for pre-2013 models on the DEC as well.

  • Seriously, Apple should be giving you a cut of laptop sales because I will actually consider buying one now.

  • Wow – Someone has enough sense to create something USEFUL! This is awesome, well done. It’s everything that a Pro needs with a little bit of extra size that I will definitely and gladly give up. Thank you! Maybe Apple might see some sense with this too.

  • As one of the silent community of Mac gamers (just World of Warcraft), if you add a decent amount of extra battery life in this product, you have my sale. :)

  • Does it increase battery life – looks like there enough room in there for a 90whr battery or more.

  • Looks like the start of great accessory line (looks like they will offer a variety of options) ….. might be pretty darn expensive to add this to woefully over priced MacBook un-Pro that really should have had more ports to begin with.

  • Whats the price point on this device and will there be different tier levels?

  • I can help but remember the MacBook AirCraft…


  • Nice, but what I’m really looking for is a NVMe based Thunderbolt 3 powered ‘mobile’ RAID enclosure.

  • Be really great if you had these ports:
    – gig ethernet
    – magsafe connector
    – HDMI
    – (3 or more) USB3 type A
    – SD card slot

  • RAM limit is a limitation of the CPU/chipset, OWC can’t fix that.

    That said, this could still turn the MacBook “Pro” back into a Pro machine.

  • 1. Any way to get around the 16GB RAM limitation
    2. Can the OWC be the only connection and bring back the loss of magsafe
    3.Please make the storage upgradeable after purchase
    4. Option to swap between extra-storage and DVD/Bluray player
    5. Please add extra battery option as well
    6. too bad OWC cannot also take care of the lack of 17″ and mat display options

    • BATTERY — Yes!
      Swappable media bay — Yes!
      Magsafe — Yes!

      Dearest Apple, make devices thicker and add more features!

      • Yes, indeed. Or, better yet, (but SO “not-Apple!), ask the end-users what THEY want, rather than telling them what they want. Apple’s “we know best” attitude was OK 20 years ago, but we’re a little more sophisticated now.

        A good example is the Finnish company, Eve-Tech, which did exactly this with their crowd-sourced laptop. The Guardian had an article on this last October: https://tinyurl.com/ztseacc

        Meanwhile, a noble initiative from OWC.

  • Yeah, how about additional amount of RAM. From video making perspective this is one the most crucial elements, which largely missed on 2016 MacBook Pro.

    • Yes, because 16Gb is so small, please remind me again what exact use case would use 16Gb of RAM on the go? It’s not video/photo editing in Adobe or Final cut, and it’s not virtualization as a 8Gb is more than enough to run Windows smoothly, let alone say 14Gb, so what is it exactly?

    • Final Cut Pro runs quite speedily with 1080p video and 16GB of RAM on my 2012 machine. What-aside from the natural human impulse towards greed-makes you now say it needs more?

  • This is the machine Apple should be making. For a variety of reasons, not everyone works solely with wi-fi and downloads, so additional connectivity (including an optical drive) are still relevant and important.

    • Who on god’s good green earth still thinks “I need to have a CD drive in my laptop”, that was gotten rid of years ago for a reason, nobody really needed then and if by chance you were one of the few hundred who did you could easily go out and buy one yourself

      • Professionals OFTEN have a need for things that 90 percent of end users don’t, and on a portable, having it emnbedded in the hardware makes the device ACTUALLY portable. I haven’t used a DVD drive this YEAR, but in my workflow i could find myself having a need for it TOMORROW.

  • How about a solution to add more RAM?

  • With this innovation I might now consider the 2016 MacBook Pro.

  • It says, “USB 3 Type A Ports for standard USB cabled devices,” but see only one added USB port, and it looks like a Type-C, not a Type-A.