• This doesn’t work for me. What am i doing wrong?
    Drag and drop to exclude an external drive used for Time Machine gives err message – Can’t do that for Time Machine drive

    From Terminal, err message is the same using technique in article.
    “mdutil[38250:572426] mdutil disabling spolight: /Volumes/mytime_machine_volume -> kMDConfigSearchLevelFSSearchOnly” then new line
    “Indexing enabled. (Indexing level may not be changed on volumes which have a Time Machine backup)”

  • I just found out that EXIF data viewable in Finder or view information or Preview is available only if spotlight is turned on for the folder containing the file being viewed. What a pain. It seems like if spotlight is off, it should look at the file directly instead of relying on spotlight metadata.

    Now I’m having to turn spotlight back on for some folders on eternal drives so I can get this handy feature to work.

  • Can someone please tell me why searching for a file on a network volume has been so comparatively slow since 10.6? Snow Leopard seems to be the last version of the OS that got this task right. My very old macs running 10.6 find file on their network server in an instant. My newer macs do not. It takes minutes. Why is this?

    • Consider using the free “easyfind” app. Free and great at searching remote volumes. It doesn’t search metadata though.

      Maybe this doesn’t help so perhaps this little link will spark a few ideas, “Enabling Spotlight For Network Volumes” krypted.com/mac-security/enabling-spotlight-for-network-volumes/

  • Great article. Very useful

  • Great Blog. I learn every day something new. I hope you leave old blogs running, as I go back and check things again and again.


  • You can also add an item to Spotlight’s Privacy tab simply by dragging it from the Finder into the space in that pane.

  • How about using `nice` to lower its indexing process priority?