AJ Gerth Joins DDC Live to Talk Thunderbolt 3, Apple, OWC Solutions

AJ Gerth joins DDC Live to talk about MacSales.com solutions, OWC gear, Thunderbolt 3, Apple and more! Check out the Facebook Live interview above (Note: interview starts around 30:19 mark). 

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  • For one, using Final Cut Pro X, impossible to log on Final Cut Pro with remote screen. Connected on a Macbook Pro End 2016 with touch bar. Called Apple they know the problem, been three weeks no update yet.

  • Back in April at NAS OWC was showing a prototype 6-bay Thunderbolt 3 enclosure. AJ showed a 4-bay Thunderbolt 3 enclosure as a new product. Question: Will there still be a 6-bay Thunderbolt 3 enclosure coming out or has the 6-bay Thunderbolt 3 enclosure development been discontinued in favor of the 4-bay enclosure?

    • Hi, Thomas. We can’t discuss future OWC products here, but be sure to bookmark the Rocket Yard for future product updates!