Video Presentation: Taking A Deep Dive into Apple’s APFS

Watch Tim Standing, VP of Software Engineering for OWC Holdings Inc., talk about APFS at the Mac Sys Admin conference in Sweden—including why APFS was needed, how it works and what you should (and shouldn’t) be using it for. 

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This video is an edited version of the full talk, which can be found at:

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  • Great presentation. I’m not technical enough to understand all the details, but there was enough to help me, as a normal consumer and user of Macs, learn about APFS.
    I have a 2TB Fusion storage system in my iMac. I’m still thinking that with Mojave’s upgrade that I’ve loaded, I have gained the advantage of APFS in my SSD part of Fusion, but in the HDD part things are slower than they were in with High Sierra. Am I understanding this correctly? If so, I wonder why Apple would ever bother invoking this on a Fusion Drive system like mine. Pity the poor folks who only have an HDD on an older machine.
    Anybody out there can help me understand this with a Fusion drive?