• I was semi-willing to upgrade to HS until I found out that it is difficult to go back. First, off I formally was a techy but no longer due to a stroke. I am no longer able to handle complex tasks in order to back out HS. I also do not have scads of empty disk drives to handle the upgrade., also, I cannot be down for several days because I can’t get back and I can’t stay on HS as I quite a few hours invested in a working computer. I am afraid of losing a LOT of work. I had a friend that could have helped me but he is no longer available. I have also found the APPLE code isn’t up to grade like it used to be. 10.4.11 was a solid release and since then APPLE’s QA has gone downhill and I am reluctant to trust them. It seems like after upgrade I end up with more bugs in the upgrade than I did before the upgrade. Right now I am fighting a bug in mail.app that costs me 4-5 hours extra work a day. Apple won’t talk to me about it unless I upgrade (hint they don’t know if its fixed or not but threw it back in my face saying TS. I am thinking about waiting 6-12 months as I do not Trust Apple anymore.