• Interesting to see the majority of people are going either all-out, or bottom-of-the-line.

    I’m a bottom’er. I give my reasons here: http://bit.ly/9TBSGy

  • Bill,
    To find out if the iPad will charge and data sync via USB 1.0 I’d recommend calling apple to find out at 1-800-MY-APPLE.

    Most USB based iPods will only charge via FireWire (no data syncing at all) and there’s no telling yet if an iPAD will even do that. So FireWire isn’t an option without data sync capabilities.

  • I would really like to purchase an iPad but have noticed that it requires a usb 2.0. I have an iMac (Serial Number: RM228007L4C) which has only a 1.0. Is there any way to retrofit my computer with a 2.0? Would a 1.0 work but only slower like with my iPod? Could I some how route the signal through my firewire port?

    I also have access to an eMac (Serial Number: NQ414037Q1M). If it won’t work with the IMac, is it safe to assume that it won’t work with the eMac?


  • I think I cover this pretty well in my blog post, “iPad… Multi-Touch Taken For Granted.”

    Large displays really open the possibilities of multi-touch computing. With apps that can be made to really take advantage of all that space. The iPad has 800% the screen surface area to really show off and take advantage of multi-touch in new ways.

    You can check out my previous post about the iPad @

  • I need to know if the iPad is to the iPhone what Nintendo DSi XL is to the regular Nintendo DSi – that is, a bigger version for near-blind old folk – or if it’s simply a touch-screen computer with a ridiculously simple operative system. Actually, having already got both a PC and an iPhone, getting an iPad is most likely a waste of money.

  • I’d say that makes you a man who knows what you want. :)

  • iPads went on sale at 8:30am, at 8:30 and about 45 seconds I had my preorder filled out for the iPad and every single accessory. Does that make me a fanboy?