• I have macOS Mojave installed and I can’t see any of my video’s extended metadata (cast, director, producer, movie information, etc) in the Finder’s preview pane – even though the metadata for my videos do exist, and I have the metadata labels selected in the Show Preview Options dialog. I get extended metadata showing for my images (pictures), but just not for my videos.

  • Anyone with an old Mac such as my Apple Mac Pro (early 2009), the GPU of which does not support Metal, might like to have a look at http://dosdude1.com/mojave/. Using this guide I have been able to install and run Mojave beta 10 and beta 11. While I had some issues with beta 10 not allowing some apps to run (notably Tweetbot), everything seems to work well in beta 11.

  • Hi, More of a question than a comment (but it IS based on article). I have a mid-2011 iMac with 2.7 GHz i5 processor, 250GB SSD, 2TB HD & 16GB RAM (which this article says will be incompatible with Mohave) and a 2013 Air Mac (which apparently will be compatible). All of my S/W is 64b (excepting latest version of Filemaker, a wholly owned Apple subsidiary). Will Mohave install on the 2011 and, if so, will it make my iMac crawl or freeze? Would it be advisable to refrain from updating the Air Mac if I can’t update the iMac? I knew this day would come, but thanks to OWC I am way not ready to put down my iMac…. Thanks.

  • Is Apple ever going to address group sharing of Contacts in an intentional way? I’ve read of a number of workarounds, but still no way to share all our mutual contacts between my husband’s and my computing devices.

  • If this leads to user-developed or third-party themes, then it’s good. Otherwise, Mojave and OS X is still less customizable than OS 9.2.

  • Oops! I meant “Stacks”. It would be great if this site allowed editing messages. Thanks.

  • Stacs may be useful sometimes. But many times you may want to store in the same folder or stack items that belog to different categories (text files, images, movies, etc). Additionally, Apple should allow to place folders (with items like applications inside or aliases of them) on the left side of the Dock (not only on the right of it).

    • You won’t have to use Stacks. I use folders, not stacks, in the Dock, for instance. And I use some folders on the Desktop. But stacks would allow you to access items without actually opening a window, as you do with a folder, which could be useful. It’s just one more UI choice for those who might like it.

      As for folders on the left side of the Dock, why? You’ve got the same amount of room either way. And the separation avoids confusion. Simplicity, right? In any case, the best way to access regularly used folders is to put them in the Finder Sidebar. They’re much easier to get into that way compared to the Dock.

  • I think it will be awhile before the beta is available to the public. I have only a low-level, non-paid, Apple Developer Account, which I haven’t used in some time. It’s been awhile, but Mohave actually interests me—thanks to your review.

  • I’d like to take the Mojave beta for a ride but you don’t offer a link or any instructions on how to get ahold of the beta. ?

  • A highly customizable version of Dark Mode has been available in Photoshop since around CS5 and in Lightroom from the beginning. Other apps have also long since adopted this motif, particularly those associated with image editing. iPhoto and now Photos use a dark (gray) mode while editing an image, though with no customization. Still, it’s nice (in my opinion). Also, many word processing apps use one version or another of a dark mode to eliminate distractions.

    So Apple is welcome to the game. Better late than never.

    More security is also welcome, especially on the web.

    Gallery View replaces the gimmicky nature of Cover Flow (which was nice in it’s time) with a more standard, graphics app approach. While it may be a bit more boring, it’s also more functional—or might be. On the other hand, we now have three ways to view an image in the Finder: Gallery, preview and Quick Look. Quick Look seems to be the most useful, allowing a bit of editing and, in particular, the Open with (the default app). One might hope that the Gallery and preview pane will include this feature too. Even more useful would be the ability to access the Open with element of the contextual menu, or, perhaps the contextual menu itself, as if you were right-clicking in the Finder. If Apple really wants to enhance workflow these elements could make or break the new features. Without them they are just eye candy.

    Anyway, though I haven’t downloaded the Mojave beta (yet), these are my thoughts based on your description.

    Thanks, by the way, for test driving Mojave for us and offering an early overview. You seem to have beat other journalists and pundits to the punch. Does scooping the competition still count for anything? I hope it helps put Rocket Yard on the map. I get more and more of my news from you guys, as Macworld fades into the background.