OWC Tool Lets You Configure a Mac with the Options You Need

Getting a new, refurbished or certified used Mac from OWC is simple. We have Apple notebooks, iMacs, Mac Pros, Mac mini and iPad options for nearly any budget that are ready to go at the click of a button.

To make getting the exact Mac that you need is easier than ever with OWC’s new configurator tool that lets you pick the upgrade options that you need. Want more memory, a higher capacity SSD or a better graphics card? Just click the upgrades you want and add the newly configured Mac to your cart as seen in the image below!

OWC Tested. Quality You Can Trust.
As always, OWC individually inspects and fully tests every pre-owned computer to confirm full functionality and accurate grading. All refurbishments and/or upgrades are performed by our Apple Certified Technicians. That’s why OWC is the most trusted name in Mac refurbishments. We even offer a 14-day 100 percent money-back guarantee.

Check out our Mac portal to see what we have in store now.

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  • Just replaced iMac hard drive. I want to upgrade software to what I had prior to HD crashing. Had Yosemite and next upgrade as well. Now can only upgrade to snow leopard. Can you help me upgrade to mor advanced software.